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Detailed Company ProfilePromote the info buyers look for on FreeYes EnhancedYes PremiumYes
Products & Services CategorizationGet your products and services listed where they belong FreeYes EnhancedYes PremiumYes
National ExposureBe accessible to our entire audience of buyers & engineers FreeYes EnhancedYes PremiumYes
Lead Generation ButtonGenerate leads from verified prospects and receive contact information directly in your inbox FreeNo EnhancedYes PremiumYes
Second Tier PositioningAppear above ALL non-paying suppliers in your product/service categories FreeNo EnhancedYes PremiumYes
Company Profile AdDrive buyers to your website with a prominent display ad on your Profile FreeNo EnhancedYes PremiumYes
First Tier PositioningReceive preferred placement in your key product/service categories FreeNo EnhancedNo PremiumYes
Targeted Regional ExposureStand out in geographical areas that matter to you most FreeNo EnhancedNo PremiumYes
Dominant Display Ad PlacementHave your ad appear on competitors' Company Profiles and/or on relevant search results FreeNo EnhancedNo PremiumYes
Products & Services ShowcasePresent detailed product/capabilities info with high-profile links to your content FreeNo EnhancedNo PremiumYes
Audience RetargetingReach buyers interested in your offerings, elsewhere on the internet FreeNo EnhancedNo PremiumYes
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