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Leverage your existing CAD drawings or model files to generate the highest-quality BIM files containing all the necessary geometry, metadata and performance characteristics needed by engineers.

Quality product data in the right format is what your targeted audiences need to discover, select and commit your products to their projects. BIM data provides early entry into the specifying process, giving your sales team better visibility to opportunities much earlier than traditional project data services and submittal activity.

“Our customers have given us rave reviews on the BIM models from Thomas. They love the selectors, the flexibility of the models, and the incorporation of structural attachments you don’t usually see in a Revit field. They’ve been eager to tinker and play with the files and adapt them to their workflow.”

-- Suko Sulaimon, BIM & Digital Solutions Supervisor at ASC Engineered Solutions

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As a younger generation moves into leadership positions within design and construction, demand for easy-to-access digitized product information will only increase. Building product manufacturers who invest in changing their sales and marketing process and respond to the needs of an industry set on BIM will gain a competitive advantage. Become THE company that’s easy to do business with BIM with our BIM Modeling services.

Top Architects, MEP Engineers, Fabricators and Construction professionals utilize BIM to do their jobs. They recognize the cost-saving and efficiency benefits and, as a result, large owners and government departments are looking to leverage BIM in their projects. 

Building product manufacturers must become BIM ready, capable of providing customers throughout the design-to-construction process with the different BIM model formats (Revit, ArchiCAD, CADmep), and the multiple BIM data standards (COBIE, IFC, ETIM), required to participate and even bid on projects.

BIM Modeling Service FAQs

  • How can Thomas's products and services help me with BIM?

    Thomas Navigator delivers multiple formats of BIM models, on demand, and dynamically generated from the latest product update. Your customers can download the right format for their project, whenever they need it and wherever they discover your products.

  • What does BIM stand for?

    Building Information Modeling.

  • What's the difference between CAD and BIM?

    Check out our blog post on that topic here.

  • Which industries use BIM?

    BIM adoption is growing in Design, Fabrication, Construction, and even Facilities Management, bringing new demands on building product manufacturers. (The ability to meet these needs with the best data available can generate leads and project visibility very early in the BIM workflow.)

  • What are the benefits of being BIM-ready?

    The ability to meet these needs with the best data available gives your products a greater likelihood of being locked-in to the spec during the design phase. By enabling end users to easily download the right BIM formats for their project, you’re able to get visibility to projects much earlier than traditional sources and give your sales team actionable market data. 

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  • Learn how to tactically use the right data at the right time in the right place to generate high quality leads
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