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Currently, the average downtime from a cybersecurity attack is two weeks. Make sure your company is protected by staying up to date on current threats and implementing best practices. Our in-depth cybersecurity guide for manufacturing businesses covers the following: 
Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing

  1. Cybersecurity Overview: Learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity.
  2. The Cost of Cyber Attacks: The real threat of a cyber attack is no longer the ransom payment, you have to consider your reputation, stolen data, and more. 
  3. Best Practices: Implement multi-factor authentication, a virtual private network, and other simple deterrents. 
  4. Cyber Insurance Tips: See if your business would benefit from an extra level of insurance. 
  5. Cybersecurity for Embedded Devices and System: Ensure your company is current on key cybersecurity principles and pillars. 
  6. The Ultimate Checklist: Complete our 16 step checklist to protect your business. 

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