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Download Thomas Guides to Successful Hiring

Picture1-1Need to hire a talented procurement professional? Our expert guide covers the following:

  1. Approaching a job description: This may be your only chance to make an impression. We’ll explain how you can use the description as a marketing tool to build your brand.
  2. The basics: Consider the intricacies of aspects like the job title and salary. Avoid pitfalls that may get your listing overlooked by SEO or search filters.
  3. Skillset analysis: Attract qualified candidates by listing specific tactical, strategic, external, and general business skills. As well as qualifications and certifications.
  4. Inclusivity awareness: Language considerations for optimal interest from all groups.
  5. Build a successful job listing: Use the 8 steps and list of skills, attributes, and key knowledge areas to create a custom job description. 
  6. Comprehensive checklist to ensure a well-rounded and enticing job description to attract top talent.

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