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NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Ibrahim Ibrahim, our March 2019 Winner below.

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Aviation Operations Manager, Lynn Welding

Ibrahim started his career at Lynn Welding as an intern in 2011.  Since then, he has quickly grown within the company and at 27 years old, is now their youngest Operations Manager. Ibrahim was able to overcome many struggles, including moving to the United States at 18 with no knowledge of English.  He now manages a company of over 50 people, working with high-level clients in the aerospace industry.


Ibrahim was born in Egypt and came to America when he was 18.  He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 2013 with a degree in Electromechanical Engineering.  After graduating he began working for Lynn Welding as a Resistance Welding Process Engineer.  Ibrahim is not a stranger to hard work.  Staying late and coming in early, Ibrahim has always believed in helping his business succeed.  It is this work ethic that has helped drive his success within the company and has helped his company as a whole.

Learning English at 18, Managing Operations at 26: Ibrahim Ibrahim Wins NextGen for Industry Award

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Ibrahim himself started from the bottom of the company and worked his way up and finds great rewards in developing others who are working to achieve the same, “I like to have people who are actually humble, loyal, and willing to learn. I get a guy who’s just out of college but is willing to learn, is humble, and willing to accept the work and willing to work with us as a family – it’s the kind of persons that I work at developing, and I like seeing them actually grow. They have a better life… they’re growing in life,” says Ibrahim.” Read the entire article here.


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