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NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Jillian Gorsuch, our July 2019 Winner below.

Jillian Gorsuch-SQUARE

Jillian Gorsuch

Additive Manufacturing Technology Manager, Maxar

Jillian is an innovator in Earth intelligence and infrastructure that develops cutting edge technology to connect Earth and space. She has made significant contributions to the company’s RF payload, ground equipment and solar array systems. In her current role, Jillian is instrumental in promoting the use of Additive Manufacturing in SSL-built spacecraft. She is an evangelist for how 3D printing can reduce mass, improve schedules and enable new geometries that increase performance and operational life.

Growing Up with a Passion for STEM

Jillian Gorsuch-02

Math teachers and engineers have been prominent professions in Jillian’s family for generations. From a young age she was fascinated with space and knew that she wanted to study engineering. As a woman working in a field that is usually male dominated, Jillian is a role model for women. She hopes to inspire other women to pursue careers in STEM, specifically space and engineering. Read the full article here.



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