Champion For Industry Award

Meet Jim Schweich our June 2019 Winner below.


Jim Schweich

Chief Executive Perfectionist, Plateco, Inc.

By inspiring his 74 employees, increasing efficiency and optimizing his plant floor layout, Jim was able to triple his 45-years-strong company’s capacity without increasing the size of his factory or adding new equipment. 

Dedicated to Industrial Quality


For Schweich, leading a second-generation business means being entrusted with the responsibility to grow, strengthen, and eventually hand the company over in great shape to the next generation.

Being a leader means cultivating a special culture that attracts and rewards the best customers, attracts and rewards the best employees, and that generates exceptional results," Schweich says. "It means realizing your job is asking the right questions rather than having the right answers, doing more listening than talking, and not asking anyone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself.” Read the full article here.


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