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NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Rachel Pacheco, our April 2019 Winner below.

Rachel Pacheco

Rachel Pacheco

Senior Manufacturing Manager, Genomatica

During her time at Genomatica, Rachel has successfully brought two novel bioprocesses to commercial scale. She led a team of fermentation and process engineers from California to a site in rural Italy to produce a chemical called butylene glycol using a biobased process that is more sustainable than petroleum-based processes. The campaign produced 600 tons of the chemical in just 5 weeks, making it the world's first commercial-scale production of bio-based butylene glycol.


Rachel started at Genomatica as a Fermentation Associate, working her way up to her current position as a Senior Manufacturing Manager. She contributed to the commercialization of Genomatica’s first product, 1,4 Butanediol, and was the lead downstream engineer during the start-up of the world’s first Bio-BDO plant. In her current role, Rachel oversees the manufacturing of Genomatica’s second product, butylene glycol.

Passionate about Problem Solving, Chemical Engineer Rachel Pacheco Wins NextGen for Industry

Rachel Pacheco - lab photo 2 (1)
Pacheco says, “As biotechnology associated with biotech continues to improve, creating competitive processes and products becomes cheaper, faster, easier and can be demonstrated at a smaller scale.” Pacheco sees this success continuing, “over the next few years that the biotechnology space is going to grow quite rapidly.” Read the entire article here.


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