Champion For Industry Award

Meet Tracy Tenpenny, our May 2019 Winner below.

Tracy tenpenny

Tracy Tenpenny

Vice President of Sales, Tailored Label Products

During his 13 years at Tailored Label Products (TLP), Tracy has been able to transform the company from a $6.5 million business to a $24 million business. He has had the opportunity to work with large companies such as Tesla, providing label solutions for the aerospace, hydraulic power, and light industries. With his direction, TLP has been voted a Best Place to Work company.

In the next 5 years, Tracy hopes to be able to turn TLP into a $33 million company.  By prioritizing his employees and constantly giving validation Tracy leads by putting his people first and making sure they have the tools they need to succeed.  

Focused on Enhancing Company Culture, Tracy Tenpenny Wins Champion for Industry


"As a leader, Tenpenny says, “your actions and your attitude transcend through the rest of the organization.” With that in mind, “it’s important to recognize that your behaviors and actions, while at the time may seem as though they are not impactful, are actually a green light for employees to feel they can act the same way,” Tenpenny says. “You have to constantly remind yourself that how you act in every situation is viewed and modeled going forward.” Read the full article here.


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