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Download Thomas' Guides to Industrial Sourcing

BlueCoverLooking to advance in the public procurement field? Whether you are a seasoned public procurer looking to grow your skills, or someone who has recently transitioned into the public procurement space, we have you covered. Our comprehensive guide is easy to navigate with interactive links, and includes the following information: 

  1. Supplier relationship management: Explore effective supplier relationship management programs that result in savings, compliance, and brand protection. 
  2. Compliance hurdles: From environmental regulations to diversity requirements, understand all of the compliance challenges of public procurement. Plus, tips on how to accelerate this process.
  3. Performance evaluation: Establish metrics to track performance over time and identify bottlenecks and pain points to improve your processes. 
  4. Changes in procurement: We dive into the intricacies of updated policies, new strategies, and emerging technology to keep you competitive. 
  5. Solicitation fundamentals: We help you tackle the intimidating process of putting out a solicitation for bids, and all that goes into it, including supplier communication, types of bids, and regulations. 
  6. The basics: Get a refresher on the building blocks of public procurement and the key differences between the public and private sector. 

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