What is THOMASNET.com?

THOMASNET.com is industry’s leading supplier discovery and evaluation platform. Buyers and engineers use the platform to find information on more than 500,000 North American suppliers, in 60,000+ product and service categories.


Who uses THOMASNET.com to find suppliers?

Users include procurement professionals, engineers, and other B2B buyers representing corporations, educational institutions, government and defense agencies, and small businesses.


What kind of suppliers can be found on THOMASNET.com?

The platform features product and component manufacturers (OEMs), custom manufacturers/service companies, capital equipment manufacturers, and industrial distributors.


Why do you refer to THOMASNET.com as "Today's Thomas Register?"

We were a printed directory of industrial suppliers from 1898 through 2006, and throughout the 20th century you were likely to see the “big green books” of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers in virtually any plant, mill and factory throughout North America. Today, online, THOMASNET.com continues the Thomas Register’s sole mission of connecting the right B2B buyer with the right industrial supplier. 

  What specific value does THOMASNET.com deliver to CPOs and their procurement teams?

What specific value does THOMASNET.com deliver to CPOs and their procurement teams?

We give procurement professionals the tools and in-depth information they need to find and evaluate suppliers, efficiently and effectively, all in one place, for free. Click here to download more information.


Whom should I contact for more information?

All media/press inquiries should go to Rita Lieberman at ritalieberman@thomasnet.com