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Thomas Verified Core Program

Show buyers your products & services have been verified and target your key audience.

Get more purchase evaluations with a Thomas Verified Core Program on Thomasnet.com®.


The Thomas Verified Badge indicates that in addition to the business information validation and RFQ activation for suppliers, these suppliers undergo a detailed product and service discovery and verification process with the Thomas Supplier Analyst team.

Testing proves highest confidence in the companies who have verified badges.

A Thomas Verified Core Program Includes:

  • Thomas Verified Badge, company profile creation, and complete category classifications
  • Access to company profile management tools and company profile RFQ capability
  • Company Ad for Brand Promotion
  • 10 Program Points for Audience Targeting
  • Additional Program Point availability in packages of 5 at $115/month 
  • Program reporting and lead intelligence from Thomas WebTrax™ Analytics
  • The ability to add Product/Capabilities Content Showcase 
  • Call Tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion can be added at no additional cost

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