NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Damian Zagorski, our Q1 2020 Winner

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Damian Zagorski

Senior Welding Engineer and Production Supervisor,
TC Industries

After starting out as a machine operator, Zagorski quickly rose through the ranks to hold five different roles over the past few years. Zagorski credits his success in industry to an open mind and "not being afraid to get [his] hands dirty." 

"You have to understand the manufacturing industry because it's very different," Zagorski says. "You have to be able to challenge yourself, grow, and learn and be open to suggestions and positive criticism. Because if you're closed-minded, most likely you're not going to get very far."

Pushing the Limits of Continuous Improvement, Damian Zagorski Wins NextGen for Industry

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His team's continued improvement and excellent performance is a point of pride for Zagorski; he says this is one of the most rewarding parts of his job.

"Helping [employees] grow, get trained, learn and gain experience, and being happy performing the duties that they're performing has been the most rewarding for me," he says.

"[Weekly audits] definitely help with recognizing some talent and also recognizing some areas for improvement. Like any industry, there's always something to be improved upon. And through weekly audits, understanding the process, making sure that it's operating correctly and that people are following it, and there are definitely areas that we can recognize and help to improve on," Zagorski explains. 

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