Champion For Industry Award

Meet Dr. Steve Skerlos, our September 2019 Winner


Dr. Steven Skerlos

Founder, CTO of Fusion Coolant Systems
Mechanical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering Professor, University of Michigan

Known to pick up traces of harmful metals and bacteria known to put machinists at heightened risk for cancers and respiratory conditions, machine cutting fluids present a host of environmental hazards. With a Ph.D. in machining fluids and a drive to develop a better solution, Skerlos created a new type of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid that has revolutionized machine cutting.  

"I had, along the way, developed testing procedures for cutting fluids that were more rigorous than anything else anybody had done before," explained Skerlos. "Having run thousands and maybe tens of thousands of tests of regular cutting fluids and now looking a supercritical CO2, it broke the test. It was much better than anything we had seen before."

Turning Environmentally Conscious Innovation into Successful Business, Dr. Steven Skerlos Wins Champion for Industry


"A lot of technology is designed by technologists, and technologists are not known for being great with people," explains Skerlos. "I realized I was a really good technologist, but I needed to make technology work for people if I was going to address the planetary and environmental issues that I cared most about.” Read the full article here.


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