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Meet Esma Talu, our August 2019 Winner, below.

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Esma Talu

North America Sustainability Leader and Textiles Marketing Manager, Dow Chemical Company

After receiving her degree at The Ohio State University in Marketing and Logistics, Esma Talu found her unexpected niche within the world of chemistry as she focuses on marketing and selling sustainable chemicals to industrial manufacturers.

In addition to rallying around women within her company, Talu also serves as the Women’s Innovation Network site leader for the Chicago office; she intends to use what she's seen in the industry to change not only her company but the industrial workforce as a whole.


Along with her push for an increased female presence across the chemical industry, Talu has also been working toward changing the stigmas surrounding the millennial generation and serves as a mentor to Dow's young sales professionals. During her time at the company, she has watched Dow's employees skew younger as more millennials enter the workforce. 

"The chemical industry as a whole is a pretty experienced industry, and there's a large experience and age gap," she says. "I find it really rewarding to bridge the gap between the generations and work with others to make everything we do more impactful."

Esma Talu, industry standout and advocate for sustainability initiatives.

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“In ten years, I hope to open new doors for women at the company, be a female executive leader as well, and continue mentoring new hires as I am now to keep doing what they're doing, especially work on the equality for women in the workplace. ” Read the entire article here.


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