NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Gina Govojdean, our Q3 2020 Winner

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Gina Govojdean

Metal Flow Path Manager,
Howmet Aerospace

Govojdean became one of the youngest procurement operations managers at Howmet in 2018, where she was responsible for procurement activities across five operating locations with $298 million in annual spend and $275 million in inventory. In Govojdean's current role as metal flow path manager, her nominator explains, she "implemented a metals strategy focused on optimizing the market price of inputs and executed a risk-based approach to mitigate market exposure amid a global pandemic."

Gina Govojdean Named Q3 2020 NextGen for Industry

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As Govojdean continues to work within the industry and speak to the next generation of rising professionals, she's noticing how leadership teams are changing in modern manufacturing and advises other leaders in industry to follow suit. 

"Emerging talent is becoming critical to backfilling future leadership roles," she explains. "The most effective leaders I see across the organization are those who exercise empathy and foster loyalty and are really focused on winning as a team," Govojdean said. "Empathy is critical to fostering an engaged, successful team because we really win as a team."

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