Champion For Industry Award

Meet Jacqui Guillette, our December 2019 Winner

Jacqui Guilette- Champ December

Jacqui Guillette

Former Superintendent of the Claremont, NH Public School District

Education Consultant, Whelen Engineering Company and Capstone Consulting

Guillette's greatest accomplishments in manufacturing actually began soon after her retirement from her position as Claremont's district superintendent. She teamed up with John Olson, CEO of Whelen Engineering, to engineer an entirely philanthropic education program for all grade school-level students to change the negative stigma associated with the manufacturing industry. Whelen Engineering provided the funding and resources for the program, and Guillette was the key player in implementing curriculums that not only abided by district and state standards but were also engaging and exciting for students.

Developing a Manufacturing Education Program for Students, Jacqui Guillette Named Champion for Industry

Jacqui Guilette Champ December ACTION

Once the program was outlined, Guillette was able to move it quickly through the approval process. Because of her experience as superintendent, she knew "how to [get approval from the] curriculum committee, how to do the budget, and how to do the transportation," she explains. After presenting her plans to the school board, she asked the high school principal to see how many students were interested in participating. "We had more kids sign up than we had room for," Guillette says. 

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