Champion For Industry Award

Meet Joel Stone, our January 2019 Winner below.

Joel Stone

Joel Stone

CTO- Board Chair, Fermentum

As the CTO at Fermentum, Joel engineered the design of a two million liter biotechnology plant in Rochester, NY. He has held many C-level positions at various food ingredient, animal health, enzyme, ethanol, and renewable chemical companies. Joel is the only executive in the history of biotech to have simultaneously built three, 100 million gallon per year ethanol plants, in 16 months.

Joel has always been at the forefront of the Biotech industry. He received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and his MS in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania at a time when the field was first being explored. Joel’s reputation precedes him, he is a highly sought after leader in his field. He continues to share his knowledge of Industrial Biotechnology, speaking at numerous conferences and conventions across the country, including ABLC (Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference).

Meet Joel Stone, the Wizard of Industrial Biotechnology

Joel Stone 2

Joel is passionate about what he does and is excited to use his platform to influence the future generation of scientists and engineers. “Inspiring younger professionals and letting them know that there’s someone with experience that’s willing to help keeps me going,” he explains. Joel is thrilled to see where the future of biotechnology will go, “We’re entering a period of time when industrial microbiology is about to make major changes in how all of us live, eat, and take care of the environment.” Read the full article here.


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