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NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Kyle Rasksen, our December 2019 Winner


Kyle Rasken

Plant Manager, Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping

Kyle Rasksen spent his childhood at his father's fourth-generation metal spinning and stamping company, doing small jobs to earn his candy money. He is now the company's plant manager.

After gaining a better understanding of CNC technology, Rasksen saw an opportunity to incorporate additional technology within the facility. Since joining the team as plant manager, Rasken has incorporated two automation robots into Metal Craft's job shop; the company also plans to integrate a water jet robot in January. 



Combining Robotic Automation with Family Values, Kyle Rasksen Wins NextGen for Industry


Although Rasksen is still a plant manager at Metal Craft, he is currently in the process of training an employee to fill his role so he can take charge of the business upon his father's retirement. Throughout the process, Rasksen is learning some important lessons in leadership and how to manage a company with a family legacy.

"Everything that goes out from that shop, it’s all on me," Rasksen says. "If it works, it’s all on me. If it doesn’t work… I have to take full responsibility if there’s a big [mistake]."

In order to ensure high-quality production across the shop, Rasksen says he focuses on effective, productive planning. He's not only aiming to pass but to excel - and to maximize profits.

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