Champion For Industry Award

Meet Michael Bell, our Q3 2020 Winner

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Michael Bell

CEO and Founder, Synbyo
Chair, Sacramento Valley Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Bell launched his company Synbyo in November 2019 with a plan to become the "WeWork of industry,"  but after COVID-19 made shared workspaces practically impossible he pivoted his business to become a systems integrator for a variety of needs for industrial businesses, including prototype manufacturing, smart manufacturing, and workforce development. Through his work with SME, Bell is also developing an apprenticeship/certification program scheduled to launch in 2021.

Michael Bell Named Q3 2020 Champion for Industry

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In Bell's work helping industrial businesses with workforce development, he noticed a common factor: companies often struggled to find a qualified workforce. However, he explains that this isn't because there aren't enough skilled workers on the job market... the companies are just not looking in the right places. 

"They're not taking the necessary steps to be proactive and engaging with education partners. They're not at the table, in the classroom, at career fairs, at workforce development events, and being part of the solution as much as they should be, Bell explained. "So there are plenty of opportunities. It just takes a little willingness, a little initiative on behalf of the employers to just reach out to their local economic development board or the workforce development board or their local high school and community college."

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