Champion For Industry Award

Meet Navin Persaud, our Q1 2020 Winner

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Navin Persaud

Lead Facilities Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Vice President, Institute of Supply Chain Management, New York Chapter

For Persaud, change starts with education.

"We have a very robust supplier diversity program as part of our overarching Diversity and Inclusion Program," Persaud explains. "One of [the pillars] is internal education, and that actually covers the educating our employees who wish to do a procurement engagement on the procurement process."

Dedicated to Supplier Diversity Across Procurement, Navin Persaud Wins Champion for Industry

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Persaud's passion for diversity and inclusion comes from his own roots and enthusiasm for helping others in industry.

"Being a minority myself, I kind of aligned with this, and I liked it because I like to help people. I like to educate people on how they can do better. And so this kind of aligned with my own principles," Persaud says. "The most rewarding part of this job is to see a diverse vendor being onboarded that I actually introduced into the process, and feedback from the business area, that this particular vendor is really doing well."

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