NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Rose Celestin, our Q2 2020 Winner

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Rose Celestin

Senior Strategic Sourcing Lead,
WSSC Water

While she may appear to be in the early stages of her career due to her recognition as a Thomas NextGen for Industry, Celestin is actually already deeply familiar with the exciting world of supply chain and boasts years more experience than her peers. She entered the field at just 14 years old as a purchasing technician; She left her first company as the director of procurement. 

A Leader for the Next Generation of Supply Chain Managers, Rose Celestin Named NextGen for Industry

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As a young female minority in supply chain, Celestin has encountered no shortage of challenges, including some as the result of unconscious bias. She explains that although diversity and unconscious biases have improved significantly over time, her key to overcoming the challenges has been building a powerful network within her industry.

"It's really important to make sure that you have someone in your corner that is willing to support you and advocate for you. There are a lot of challenges that come along with being in supply chain, especially when you're young — female, as well," Celestin explains. "The more visible you are and the more people you have in your network, people who you can reach out to whenever you're dealing with anything or you have any questions about a career move or a challenge that you're facing, that could also be a cushion to help overcome that hurdle as well." 

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