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NextGen For Industry Award

Meet Susanna Morse, our November 2019 Winner

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Susanna Morse

Director of Technology, APM Hexseal

After joining the family business following her parents' cancer diagnoses, Susanna Morse focused on implementing change to ensure a successful future for the third-generation company.

By shifting employee mindset to be more receptive and responsive to change in an industry often slow to adjust, Morse has improved team diversity, implemented new technology, and engaged a multi-generational workforce. In making these adjustments across the business, she’s made great strides in bringing the seventy-two-year-old family business to new heights.


Leading Change in a Third-generation Family Business, Susanna Morse Wins NextGen for Industry

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“Being a leader is about inspiring other people to think and to get involved. It's about being a catalyst," says Morse. "The old-guard way of thinking about it is that the leader is the one who knew all the answers and told people what to do; I don't think that that’s the way it should be.”

By encouraging team members to collaborate and empowering them to have a say in future changes, Morse successfully struck a balance among the multigenerational workforce and created an innovative, forward-thinking environment to drive the company toward the future of industry.

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