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Sourcing, Supply, and Purchase Intent Insights for Industry

Thomas offers sourcing and purchase trend data in the manufacturing sector as a source of alternative data for businesses to identify growth opportunities.

Purchase & Sourcing intent trend data from over 1,500,000 in-market industrial and commercial B2B buyers and suppliers each month

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First-Party Sourcing Trends & Supplier Data

Make decisions using anonymized first-party insight into North American sourcing and supply trends in the manufacturing space from the largest audience of engineers and procurement professionals actively searching for new suppliers, products, and services. 

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Actionable Business Intelligence Based on Real Prospects' Needs

Our buyer intent trend data helps organizations identify opportunities in their markets and make strategic business decisions and investments to take advantage of current and coming trends.

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Detailed Industrial Trend Insights from the Leader in Sourcing for over 122 Years

Gain valuable insight into which products and services are seeing increased sourcing activity, which categories are falling behind, explore buyer intent by industry, and more so you can prioritize and monitor the markets that mean the most to your bottom line.

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What did buyers source in Q3 this year?

Thomas Index Report: 2021 Q3 Sourcing Activity

Q3 2021 Sourcing Activity Report

Reviewing sourcing data and understanding what your prospects are searching for helps you make smarter decisions that contribute to your company's bottom line. Every second, a buyer or engineer logs on to to source products and find new suppliers.

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Information for Strategic Business Professionals from Industries Including:

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  • Private Equity 
  • Traditional Sales and Marketing Organizations
  • Financial Lenders
  • Product Distributors 
  • Supply Chain Solutions Providers
  • Market Research Groups
  • And More...

Manage deal flow, research new markets, identify new partners, and more...

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