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2022 June Sourcing Activity Snapshot

See the data on what industrial buyers, procurement managers, MROs, and engineers were sourcing the most in June 2022.

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Thomas Sourcing Data

The Thomas Network gathers all the data you need to connect with more buyers and engineers. With 1,400,000+ buyers, OEMs, and procurement professionals searching on our platform every day, we are the go-to resource for quarterly sourcing snapshots, buying habit reports, and regional buying data.

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2022 June Sourcing Activity Snapshot

See the top services and products buyers searched for and where the biggest sourcing increases occurred on in June 2022.

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Digital Marketing Tactics

The use of digital marketing in B2B companies continues to grow and industrial companies are getting on board as a new way of reaching new buyers. Utilizing digital marketing tactics like content marketing, SEO, PPC, and email marketing can effectively accelerate your marketing efforts to increase leads and sales.

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The Ultimate Guide To Marketing For Manufacturers

Learn how to find success in industrial marketing and reach your prospects at every stage of their buying cycle.

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Website Design

Website design is an integral part of your digital marketing efforts and is usually the first step in engaging your buyers online. A website is the first impression your online buyers have of you and if you're not continuously updating and optimizing your online presence, you may lose business to competitors who are more accessible.

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10 Step Checklist To Begin Your Website Redesign

Get The Steps To Redesign Your Website For Lead Generation Success

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Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two great ways to go about search engine marketing. If you already have a website, but aren't sure how to increase traffic to your site pages, offers, and blogs, this is the area you should focus on. 

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How To Increase Your SEO Traffic In Just 30 Days

Step Up Your SEO Game With This 30-Day Planner

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Product Data: eCommerce, CAD & BIM

Product catalogs and CAD & BIM files are some of the most valuable assets for lead generation in industrial marketing. Did you know that up to 88% of businesses ultimately buy a part after downloading the CAD model? Learn how to use your product data to generate more business.

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The Manufacturer's Guide To Building Effective Online Product Catalogs

How to outperform competitors and drive more leads with your product information

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Budgeting & ROI

Having trouble figuring out how much marketing budget you should allocate for your industrial company? Or maybe you've decided on a dollar amount, but don't actually know what to do with it. Determining your marketing budget can directly impact the ROI you see on your marketing efforts, so what should manufacturers and industrial companies focus on?

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10 Ways Manufacturers Can Effectively Spend Their Marketing Budget

Learn Where To Direct Your Time, Energy, and Money This Year

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Industrial Business Tips & Strategies

The manufacturing and industrial landscape is constantly changing with new technologies, trends, and best practices emerging every day. Keeping up with the latest changes can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with buyers and growing your business.

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Business Plan Template For Manufacturers & Industrial Companies

Set up your manufacturing company for growth with this business plan template.

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Thomas Industrial Reports

At Thomas, we provide the industry with relevant and timely information through our proprietary sourcing data and community outreach. Our regular user surveys keep a pulse on the North American manufacturing community, provide insights, and share knowledge across industry. 

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Join the Thomas Industrial Panel

Contribute to future reports by joining our survey panel. You'll be invited to participate in discussions, webinars, and surveys regarding industry-specific news, data, and trends with access to our proprietary data and panel of industry thought leaders.

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Procurement Guides

Professional development is key to advancing your career. Our procurement guides cover everything from hiring tips to creating a robust procurement framework and are packed with actionable items to help you master those necessary hard and soft skills.

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5 Tips To Successful Negotiation For Industrial Professionals

Negotiation is one of the most important business skills for procurement professionals. That’s why we put together this free eBook with an ultimate 26-point checklist to help leverage negotiation best practices to bring you closer to your business objectives and personal goals.

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Webinars: Sourcing Guides

Save countless hours going forward by supercharging your sourcing using our free platform and tools. Gain an overview of Thomas, our top sourcing features, and our full suite of industrial resources.

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Search, Evaluate, and Connect: How to Source on Thomas

Learn how to use our free and powerful procurement tools to source efficiently and effectively on Thomas. Watch demos on how to use our advanced filters, shortlist top picks, export structured data, and more pro-tips.

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