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Empire Group Secures High-Value Customers With Thomas

Utilizing Thomas Marketing Services, Empire Group adopted a full digital marketing strategy and gained more exposure with large companies.

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The Business

Empire Group Helps Companies Showcase Their Creativity

finishing and assembly


Jason Enos founded Empire Group in 1999. He and his team are dedicated to helping customers create specialized product prototypes, sales and marketing samples, trade show models, and influencer kits, for the medical and defense industries. Empire Group leverages its in-house custom manufacturing solutions, including 3D printing, multi-axis CNC machining, high-end painting, and finishing services.

Over the last five years, Jason has made a concerted effort to grow and expand his business and its capabilities. Empire Group has changed how it connects with companies needing prototyping services. Recently, Empire Group has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to take on additional short-run manufacturing projects, most notably influencer marketing kits. These kits, made in batches of 50-75 units, help internet influencers promote product launches.


The Problem

Jason Enos Grows His Empire – and Runs into Challenges

In 2019, Jason established an internal sales and marketing team to help grow his business. Although he and his team experienced some success and enjoyed the work, they struggled to find customers that were a good fit for their industrial services. After initially trying to lead marketing efforts at his company, Jason realized he needed help from marketing specialists. So, Jason turned to outsourced marketing agencies, which unfortunately didn’t solve the issue either. 

These agencies were not well-equipped to help market an industrial business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing company. “We went through a couple of agencies,” Jason lamented. “Unfortunately, none of them seemed to get it – especially the unique industrial market we are in.” 

“Since we started using Thomas services, we’ve gotten more clients that fit – what we're doing now is helping us reach audiences that we want to do work for.” 

- Jason Enos, Founder & President - Empire Group

The Solution

Quality and Quantity: How Thomas Helps Empire Group Acquire Stronger Leads

Finishing and assembly #2

In 2023,  Jason had followed a referral from a friend to try Thomas as an industrial marketing partner. Once he followed his friend’s advice, Jason quickly realized the value that Thomas brought to Empire Group. 

Empire Group started its marketing journey by advertising on Thomasnet with a Verified program. They were able to get in front of the vast buyer audience that sources on the platform. This program enables the Verified Supplier badge on their Company Profile, which indicates that Empire Group operates as a North American Supplier, has undergone a review and validation of all products and services, and is open to quoting new opportunities,

The Results

Growing With the Thomas Industrial Marketing Roadmap

Thomas Marketing Services (TMS), Empire Group’s digital marketing agency, deployed a marketing strategy that made sense for Empire’s industrial business. TMS provides expert insights and marketing strategies for industrial B2B clients while managing the creation, execution, measurement, and optimization of digital marketing strategies that drive awareness, leads, and sales activity.

Empire achieved its goals of boosting organic traffic and increasing customer conversion. The TMS Account Manager, Shaylen Vitale helped build an ongoing strategy to help Empire gain increased visibility on Google. Some of the tactics included updating its website to increase engagement and continual blog and webpage publishing to bring in organic traffic.

“Thomas has given us more exposure to large companies, including many I didn't know existed. One of the most helpful things that Thomas has done for us is that we have been able to work with more customers from targeted verticals, like drone manufacturers.”

- Jason Enos, Founder & President - Empire Group

TMS utilizes a content team of analysts and content marketers backed by experienced engineers to help customers reach their goals. At the end of each month, Thomas customers meet with their TMS Account Manager to review performance, discuss recommendations, and explore new opportunities to increase customer conversion.

Vitale explained how her team has helped Empire Group achieve its goal of increasing traffic to its website by helping it rank more highly on desirable keywords. “They do a lot of modeling for trade shows – so, that's one of the biggest parts of their business they want to promote. On their website we call it ‘industrial 3D modeling’ because that's what people search for on Google. We're trying to help them rank for that keyword through a number of content marketing strategies.”

86.5% increase

in all website traffic 
from June 2023 to February 2024 

111.3% increase

in website impressions 
from June 2023 to February 2024 

40% of new contacts

came from Thomasnet.com 
from June 2023 to February 2024 

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