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Industrial Online Product Management

How One Telecom Supplier Optimized Their Online Product Experience

Upgrade Your Product Management

Industry And Data Challenges

Years ago, product catalogs were created, printed, and distributed. But manufacturers were constantly updating their data and not communicating the changes to distributors. By the time the catalogs were printed, the data was out of date.

The result is inconsistent data that affects the delivery of products and customers’ buying experience. It’s still a challenge some distributors face.

A Product Data Management Solution For Colonial TelTek

Inaccurate data contributes to wasted resources, opportunities opening up for competitors, and lost investments. Colonial TelTek’s partnership with Thomas has helped them stay ahead of the competition.  

Thomas updated Colonial TelTek’s website to support its e-commerce initiatives and the Thomas Connect solution. 

The Thomas Connect platform was seamlessly integrated with Colonial TelTek’s website to provide real-time data that their prospective customers and buyers are looking for — valuable for product management and to drive more sales.

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A New Website To Increase Market Reach

An Upgraded Platform Built For More Sales

Colonial TelTek Homepage

Colonial TelTek’s new website (built and powered by Thomas) is designed to generate more traffic and deliver a better online experience for customers. Through the Thomas Connect platform, Colonial TelTek’s product data remains accurate and up to date from multiple manufacturers — easily increasing market reach.

Product Experience Management

An Easier, Accurate, eCommerce Experience

Colonial TelTek Product Management

In just a few steps from Thomas engineers, Colonial TelTek’s users were able to search, sort, and compare products directly Colonial TelTek’s website. It began with the integration of Thomas Connect’s eCatalog platform and Colonial TelTek’s website. Colonial TelTek then entered and created their data online from their old cataloging system.

When manufacturers update their product information, the websites of their sales channel and OEM partners are automatically updated as well.

“It’s a win-win. Our vendors love that they can now add more product lines — when we sell more products, they sell more products.”

Michael Lynch
Vice President, Colonial TelTek

The Drive Toward Digital Transformation

Manufacturers are revamping their facilities and small shop floors to adapt to the demands of today’s digital world. But many manufacturers are still challenged with adopting new technologies to other departments, like sales and marketing. To remain competitive in the domestic and global marketplace, manufacturers need to be more consumer-adaptive and digitally transform all areas of their business. 

For Colonial TelTek, print brochures are an asset of the past and online catalogs are the investment for the present and future.

About Colonial TelTek

Colonial TelTek is a family-owned and operated business that provides quality telecommunications, utility and outside plant products. Founded in Philadelphia more than 100 years ago, Colonial now has 18 branch locations serving the tri-state and mid-atlantic regions.

“Working with Thomas means working with people investing with us and growing with us.”

— Michael Lynch, Vice President - Colonial TelTek