Optical Fiber Manufacturer Increases Online Conversions With Optimized Web Design

Increase Your Online RFQs

Increasing Online Submissions With A/B Testing

OFS, is a premier optical fiber manufacturer, who needed help increasing their website views.

Because of Thomas' experience in online catalogs and increasing sales for manufacturing products, OFS partnered with Thomas who then launched a series of A/B tests to meet the business goals. To increase the number of views on their website’s product pages, Thomas tested out a module on their homepage that featured each of their product lines with links to the product pages.

Real Results From Digital Marketing

Originally, a website visitor interested in learning about OFS's products could find the products available through the top navigation menu, "Product Catalog."

Thomas' digital marketing experts A/B tested the impact of surfacing the large variety of products available directly on the homepage. We featured the seven top-level product groups in a grid-style module, with an additional option to visit their resource center for whitepapers and product guides.

Variant A Results


Website sessions included in the experiment


Product page views


Conversion Rate: Visitors-to-Product Page Views

OFS Variant A OFS Variant B


Variant B Results


Website sessions included in the experiment


Product page views


Conversion Rate: Visitors-to-Product Page Views

After running this A/B test, there was no question that the product module needed to be implemented into the homepage design. It exposed first-time web visitors to OFS’s full line of products and increased overall website engagement for product web pages.

By highlighting the various products available on the homepage, Thomas increased the conversion rate of website visitors viewing the product pages by 30%.

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A/B Testing For Manufacturers

A/B Test

Industrial marketers use A/B tests to decide the best possible option for the end-user. Marketers create two versions of an asset (email, landing page, homepage, etc.) and analyze which one has the best performance at the end of a certain period of time — then the winner gets officially implemented.

If you're getting a decent amount of traffic to your website, but you're not getting as many leads as you're expecting, you may need to run some tests to see where your visitors are dropping on your site. Ultimately, you may need to consider a website redesign.

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