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For Manufacturing Companies

Strong content is at the heart of any successful marketing strategy, nurtures leads, and closes sales.

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Meet Your Business Goals With Content Marketing

Content marketing for manufacturers encompasses everything from website copy, graphics, videos, and more.

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And when done right, it can spark conversations, instill confidence to your customers, showcase expertise, forge relationships, and contribute to your bottom line. Here are a few more reasons why the smartest manufacturers and industrial companies use content marketing:

  • To get found on the internet and increase website traffic
  • To increase sales opportunities and business partnerships
  • To increase high quality leads on their website
  • To keep buyers engaged and increase customer referrals


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Create Content That Helps Buyers Do Their Jobs

More than half (57%) of today’s B2B buyers make their purchase decisions before ever picking up the phone and talking to a representative from your company.

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What are buyers basing these decisions on? Your content. Engage your dream customers with content marketing that solves their biggest pain points.

  • Design Engineers: CAD software is perpetually open on their desktop so they can create new components and assemblies. They care about form, fit and function. They are problem solvers of the highest order. Use your content marketing to make their jobs headache-free and give them information they can easily access.
  • Procurement Managers/Buyers: These folks are the Holy Grail. They hold the purse strings and have a high level of input into the final supplier for projects. Your content marketing should address their main concerns of cost, lead time, and ongoing deliverability.
  • Plant/MRO Managers: Their life is divided into planned shutdowns and the pure anarchy of emergency repairs. Theirs is a life of stress. Your content marketing needs to help them stock what they need for both possible good and bad days.


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Content Marketing For Industrial Companies

Content Marketing For Manufacturers And Industrial Companies

Learn how to build your brand and grow your business with content marketing.

Today's industrial buyers are in full control of the sales cycle. They're researching, evaluating, and shortlisting suppliers without ever picking up the phone or interacting with a salesperson.

The content on your website helps them decide whether or not they will partner with you or make a purchase.

Industrial Blogs, Resources & Guides

Blog content and related resources are great at the top of the sales funnel to create brand awareness and to attract new website visitors for you to nurture into leads.

Manufacturing eBooks & White Papers

eBooks and white papers sit at the middle and bottom of the funnel. This type of content is usually gated and best utilized to capture lead information by form submissions.

Writing For Manufacturing Website Pages

Your website pages are where you showcase your products, services, and industries served. Unique, useful content attracts more buyers and keeps your business top of mind.

Video Production & Promotion Services

Video tours of your facility are a great way to get buyers to get a first-hand look at your setup and show off what makes your company the perfect fit for their next project.

Reach More Buyers With A Custom Content Marketing Plan