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Are you looking to attract, engage, and convert more B2B customers online? Invest in a website design specifically built for your manufacturing or industrial company.

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Manufacturing & Industrial Websites That Get Qualified Leads

A high-performing website is the foundation for effective online marketing and lead generation efforts.

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Invest in a modern, responsive manufacturing website that drives engagement from B2B professionals like buyers, engineers, and MROs and operates with user-friendly experiences that help them complete their jobs to be done.

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Trusted Experts In Manufacturing & Industrial Website Design

More than 5,000 industrial businesses partner with Thomas to build lead-generating websites.

If you're a manufacturer or industrial company looking to increase traffic, drive leads from new prospects, and earn new business, an updated website is the foundation of all your efforts. Our marketing experts are focused entirely on the manufacturing space and we offer website strategy, design, development, and ongoing optimization. See examples of our best lead-generating website examples for manufacturers & industrial companies below.

Website Design For OEMs

  • Amphenol NEXUS Technologies - Website design for OEMS
  • United Gear & Assembly, Inc. - Website design for OEMS
  • agile magnetics - Website design for OEMS
  • Mosaic Microsystems - Website design for OEMS
  • Bretting Manufacturing - Website design for OEMS
  • Triad Magnetics - Website design for OEMS

Thomas is part of the fabric of the industrial economy - we know what buyers and engineers look for when evaluating new products. We use that knowledge to design websites that align with your buyers’ needs, putting you in the best position possible to get spec’d into projects and purchase orders. We can also help you create eCatalogs to showcase your products.

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Website Design For Industrial Service Companies

  • Lowcountry Environmental Services - Website design for manufacturing service companies
  • U.S. Waste Industries - Website design for manufacturing service companies
  • IMC Inc. - Website design for manufacturing service companies
  • MGM General Construction Corporation. - Website design for manufacturing service companies
  • EDC Management Corp. Website design for manufacturing service companies
  • manufacturing website design example - industrial service website design

You're committed to seamless projects, quality engineering, and helpful services — we're committed to ensuring your website communicates that same high standard. Have special projects or unique industrial services? Thomas' website designs for service companies will position your brand as a helpful, informative resource and a trusted partner.

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Website Design For Custom Manufacturers

  • Warren Paint & Color Co. - Website design for custom manufacturers
  • TubeCo Incorporated - Website design for custom manufacturers
  • The Marzolf Company - Website design for custom manufacturers
  • Kentucky Paper Box - Website design for custom manufacturers
  • Gary Manufacturing - Website design for custom manufacturers

Just like the custom products you design, we build your website to meet your exact specs. All the elements — design, copy, navigation, technical architecture — are finely tuned to ensure that the buyers that visit your site turn into sales opportunities.

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Website Design For Industrial Distributors

  • Colonial TelTek - Website design for industrial distributors
  • Sequoia Brass & Copper - Website design for industrial distributors
  • U.S. Air Filtration, Inc. - Website design for industrial distributors
  • Schroeder Industries - Website design for industrial distributors
  • Website design for industrial distributors
  • Website design for industrial distributors

It's not easy being a small or medium-sized regional distributor. You work hard to get customers to choose you over OEMs and other distributors. Your website should work even harder to help you make it happen. Building upon our leading-edge eCatalog solution, we’ll highlight the product types you offer, the brands you rep and the geographies you serve, while driving home the value-added services you provide that make you the right choice for your best prospects.

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eCommerce Websites For Industrial Companies

  • Morton eCommerce Example
  • Kitz eCommerce Example
  • Oriental Motor eCommerce Example
  • PTI Pelonis eCommerce Example
  • Swaglok eCommerce example
  • TECO eCommerce Example

In today’s marketplace, engineers and sourcing professionals rely on comprehensive, digitized product data to do their jobs — and they expect a seamless user experience. Thomas' website design services will build an effective online product catalog and digital experience that has ease of use and creates a feeling of trust in your brand. Expect your new eCommerce website to have product search capability, product comparison and configuration functionality, and checkout/RFQ submission.

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Why Partner With Thomas For Your Website Redesign & Development?

Thomas Marketing Services is a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency and Google Partner made up of lead generation strategists, project managers, and technical writers supported by degreed engineers.

All of our websites are:

  • SEO-Friendly: Our Search Engine Optimization experts put your website in a position to not only get found by more buyers, but to connect with the buyers you truly need to grow your business.
  • Lead-Gen Optimized: Through smart design, persuasive copy, and cutting-edge architecture, we ensure that you are capturing as many leads as possible. 
  • Responsive: Your website will be able to adjust to multiple screen sizes, like smartphones and tablets. It increases usability, load time, and builds user trust.
  • Created For B2B Buyers In Your Industry: We know what information B2B buyers are looking for, how they look for it, and when they need it. We'll make sure the content on your website helps these buyers do their jobs and position you as a great partner.

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  • How can I tell if my website needs to be updated?

    There are many factors to account for when checking if your website is out of date, but here are some good questions to ask yourself to get started: Has it been more than three months since I made an update? Is it mobile-friendly? Does it have “HTTPS” on the address bar?

  • How does my website impact my manufacturing business?

    Buyers do their own research before they even begin creating shortlists or sending out RFIs — which means you could have lost their business without even talking to them. Your website is your potential customer’s first impression of your business. It should be updated with company and product information, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing. In the same sense that you would dress and act professionally in a sales meeting, your website should look and act the same too.

  • My manufacturing company just needs more leads online. Do I really need to do another redesign?

    If your website is not supporting your online lead generation efforts, chances are you need to update its design, content, and online strategy efforts. The foundation of everything you do online begins with a strong website and if it's not aligned to what your buyers need, they will turn to competitors. Our strategists will make sure your website is getting found online and converts traffic to leads.

  • Will my online product catalog be affected by the website redesign?

    If you have an online product catalog, that's great! We'll make sure it's working effectively and has the right e-Commerce experience your buyers, engineers, and procurement managers are looking for. Our marketing experts will ensure your website redesign is seamless and you should not expect anything to negatively affect your current customers' experience. 

  • Why do I need a responsive website?

    Each one of your customers is unique and each individual is different too. While some people do their jobs on a desktop or laptop, there are others who view your website on a tablet and a cell phone. Your website should be responsive so it can be functional and simply because your buyers expect it to be. More on the reasons why you need a responsive website here.

  • Where can I find web designers?

    You could always locate freelancers online or hire your friend’s son who is studying graphic design or web development right now, but in today's fast-paced super-connected world, you need a team of industrial online marketing experts who can get you high-quality leads and grow your manufacturing business. Partner with experts who have a team of engineers to work with you and understand not only your industry but the engineers and buyers you're going after too. (*Hint, a team just like us! Contact us and let us know you want more high-quality leads today!)

  • What is your expertise with manufacturers?

    Thomas leverages 122+ years of manufacturing and industrial experience, combined with the digital experience that comes with having built over 5,000 manufacturing websites. We've been connecting B2B buyers, engineers, and procurement managers to suppliers for more than 122 years.

How To Guide

10 Step Checklist To Begin Your Website Redesign

10 Step Checklist To Begin Your Website RedesignGet The Steps To Redesign Your Website For Lead Generation Success

Our free guide lays out the major milestones to consider when you're exploring a website redesign. Download the guide today to make sure you're planning a website that helps attract prospects, establish trust, capture leads, and win new business.

After gathering data about your website and its user behavior, it's time to leverage it to make it even better.

Think of your website like a new piece of equipment on the shop floor — you set up the machine, run a few trials, revise, and repeat until you get it running at peak performance. No complex machine runs perfectly right out of the box, and it takes time to calibrate to your exact application. Your website is no different.

The focus shifts to optimizing conversion rates — we’re looking to increase the number of people engaging with the site, such as downloading eBooks and requesting quotes. A/B testing is crucial here. By splitting website visitors into multiple buckets and showing each group slightly different variations, we can track which variation gets the best results.

Actionable Results For A/B Testing Your Website

On one A/B test we ran, we added an arrow to a client's landing pages and saw a 76% increase in leads generated.

arrow increased leads

Interpreting the data and outcomes of these optimization efforts can be tricky and, at times, confusing. We have a team dedicated to strategizing, implementing, analyzing, and reviewing these results with you. Clarity and transparency are key here, so you'll have a full understanding of what’s most effective and where our energy is spent.

If you’re looking to generate high-quality leads, get in front of those dream customers, and turn your website into a sales asset, speak to our marketing experts at Thomas.

Hear From Manufacturing Companies Just Like Yours

  • CGR Products Logo
    Since the redesign, lead generation has skyrocketed; website traffic increased by 32% and leads per month shot up 280% — resulting in over $4 million worth of quotes in just one year.

    —CGR Products, North Carolina

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