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of video marketers get more qualified annual leads

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of consumers prefer video over any other content



of viewers are more likely to purchase a product after they watch a video of that product



of a video message is retained versus only 10% when reading text

How To Tell Your Company Story With Video Advertising Services

Start With Must-Have Video Content For Industrial Companies

As attention spans dwindle, video advertising has become one of the most important tools in the industrial marketer's toolbag. Savvy marketers need to be able to grab a prospect's attention, grow their trust in the brand, and encourage them to take the next step to keep the conversation going.

Thomas Video Advertising offers industrial companies the creation and placement of video content on their company profile. Suppliers advertising with video content on increased engagement & RFQs by 32% — with some seeing increases as high as 70%!

Factory Tour Video For Manufacturers

HPL Stampings Factory Tour

This is best for custom manufacturers where showcasing your facility (machines & processes in action) delivers the most benefit.

Scenes include your key machines and processes accompanied by captions or voiceover with details for each scene. Videos should be between 1-4 minutes in length.
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Company Overview Video For Manufacturers

Triad Magnetics_Company Overview

Best for OEMs, distributors and service companies. It presents your brand, range of products/services and key differentiators via a live action or sequenced static images.

Scenes should include your logo, relevant images, video clips and text accompanied by a voiceover or music. Videos should be between 1-4 minutes in length.
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Product Spotlight Video For Manufacturers

Product Spotlight - Pelonis Technologies-1

Best suited for OEMs and distributors who want to present in-depth details and benefits about a specific product or product line.

Scenes should include your logo, relevant product images, video clips and text accompanied by a voiceover or music. Videos should be around 1-2 minutes in length.
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Project Spotlight Video For Manufacturers

Project Spotlight - Precision Welding & Fabrication

Best for custom manufacturers and service companies who want to showcase one or more of their completed projects. Create a portfolio with multiple videos.

Scenes should include your logo, before/during/after images, video clips and text accompanied by a voiceover or music. Videos should be around 1-2 minutes in length. Have multiple videos made to create your video Portfolio.
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Custom Video For Manufacturers

Once you've covered the basics with a factory tour or company overview, you can focus on expanding your video strategy to cover the details of your business.

Video content gives manufacturers and distributors great opportunities to give their prospects more information about their team, products, and services including:
Employee ProfilesCompetitive Advantages"How-to" ContentCustomer Testimonials
  • HPL Stampings
    "I can't believe how awesome it turned out. Even all the captions describe us exactly. It's almost as if people from Thomas have worked here before." — HPL Stampings, Factory Tour Video, Custom Manufacturer

Understand Performance and track your manufacturing video's engagement

Videos that help you identify & prioritize prospects based on who is the most interested in what your brand has to say.

Thomas Video Advertising offers tracking data that allows manufacturers and distributors the ability to tell which organizations from which industries are viewing their videos.

video advertising and production for manufacturers and industrial companies


  • What kind of budget do I need to create videos?

    Most business owners new to digital marketing tend to think that videos and creating other assets need to have a big budget. But in fact, you don’t need thousands of dollars or need to purchase fancy equipment to make videos. With the purchase of a video advertising program from Thomas, we offer free video production services for manufacturers and industrial companies — yes, that means we’ll use our equipment (even a drone!) to record your shop floor or your products and services. 

    For more insight on budgeting, download our eBook 10 Ways Manufacturers Spend Their Marketing Budget

  • What are some advantages of video advertising?

    According to Hubspot’s latest State Of Marketing Report, video is the #1 content used by marketers to sell products and services. Video advertising lets businesses solve some of their biggest engagement problems. Most manufacturing components and services can be complex — videos help eliminate that confusion. Videos of factories and shop floors have also been useful at closing sales, especially when there have been travel restrictions.

  • How effective are videos in marketing?

    Here are some fast facts about videos:

    • More than 500 million hours’ worth of videos are watched on YouTube every day
    • Video marketers get 66% more qualified annual leads 
    • Video marketing efforts can achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness 
    • 95% of a video message is retained versus only 10% when reading text
    • 89% of viewers are likely to purchase a product after they watch a video of the product
  • How long should a video be?

    We generally recommend product and service videos be around 2 minutes. Think about the videos you see on social media — they all vary in length, but they’re generally short, right? The average person can process images 60,000 times faster than text, so make sure your video begins with dynamic visuals and audio to keep the user engaged. Don’t worry, you can still get your message across in a two-minute video if you plan accordingly. See video examples of manufacturing and industrial companies here.

  • Can I include videos in my emails?

    Yes! Manufacturers and industrial companies who use videos in their digital marketing strategy see an increase of engagement from engineers, procurement professionals, and MRO managers. 

  • How do you advertise a video?

    Your advertising strategy will depend on your business goals. But most manufacturers who include a video in their company profile have seen a rise in RFQ submissions. Click here to create your company profile for free if you don’t already have one — manufacturers who advertise with a free company profile get seen by more than one million users of engineers, procurement professionals, and MRO managers. 

    We also recommend hosting your videos on Youtube and publishing them to your relevant website pages. Videos increase your SEO, which helps your company get found by your targeted audience. 

  • What can I expect from video production services from Thomas?

    The production of your video will vary depending on your business needs and the type of messaging you want your video to portray, but we will work with you to create a script and put together a video that is professional, high-quality, and engaging for your buyers. You should expect a day of an on-site videographer capturing the essence of your company on your factory floor and around your business. See some of our recent examples here.

    Our clients have a lot of fun on the day of production — you'll even get to use our director clapboard! Contact us to get started on your new video.

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Videos are quickly becoming the most powerful and important component of a content marketing program. That's because marketers who use video content grow revenue 49% faster than those who don't.

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