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Inbound Marketing For Manufacturers

How One Air Movement Technology Manufacturer
Sees Double-Digit Sales Growth Yearly

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Pelonis Technologies Inc. Invests
In An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Pelonis Technology Website Inbound Marketing For Manufacturers

Pelonis Technologies Inc. (PTI) is an innovator of air movement technologies, cooling fans, blowers, specialty heating systems, and motion control products for commercial and industrial use.

To help them increase their reach into new industries, the team at PTI sought a digital marketing platform with robust analytics to help them build product brand awareness campaigns with ease. After evaluating toolsets, PTI invested in an integrated inbound marketing strategy and a digital marketing platform that would turn out to grow double-digit sales growth for them yearly.

Creating A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

The team at PTI understood there was more opportunity to be tapped in the market by moving beyond print advertising in various publications and trade show attendances. They began adopting a digital marketing strategy, but the next major step was to find the right platform that would give them valuable insight into how their buyers were interacting with their digital presence. 

The team at Thomas Marketing Services recommended HubSpot for its capabilities in providing an all-in-one digital marketing tool with exceptional analytics that could help PTI understand audience behavior, evaluate prospects visiting the site, and develop campaigns with ease.

“In today's world, analytics is everything." — Sam Pelonis, President of Pelonis Technologies

Customer insights are essential to supporting an inbound marketing strategy. With HubSpot, analytics are built into every marketing effort, so PTI is armed with the daily insight to improve their marketing and go-to-market strategy as needed.

Lead Growth From Targeted Inbound Marketing

Since partnering with Thomas, PTI has seen tremendous success in their digital efforts. 

Thomas provides an all-in-one analytical marketing solution that PTI needs to satisfy the growing needs of the business while succeeding in today’s competitive environment. The strategists at Thomas work with PTI to better understand their marketing reports, gain a better view of their customer’s journey, and create the right content that converts.

To continuously drive traffic and engage buyers, Thomas' marketing experts create enhanced industry-focused content and publish SEO-focused product pages, mobile-optimized email nurturing campaigns, and A/B tested forms. The team also strategically produces blogs and eBooks to help engage new prospects and earn new sales leads.

As a result, submissions to the Contact Us form and eBook landing pages saw a 41% year-over-year growth last year, and a new RFQ form redesign generated a 23% increase in form submissions. Last year, PTI saw an 80% year-over-year increase in website traffic. 

Key Results


YoY growth in website traffic


YoY landing page sessions


YoY increase in RFQ form submissions

““Thomas keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry with relevant and continuous flowing content that helps us improve our product offerings to succeed better. We’ve expanded our product categories to additional industries based on ongoing data analysis."

Smarter Digital Marketing And Product Development

Collaboration with Thomas and HubSpot gives PTI an inside look into industry and sourcing trends, which allows them to create targeted campaigns resulting in more high-quality leads and better sales conversations. Frequent analysis of the buyer activity on PTI’s website also allows the team to make data-backed business decisions, better understand their clients’ challenges, and develop products based on their needs. 

“Thomas allows us to introduce products at a faster rate than would be otherwise possible while also developing relevant promotional content and targeted strategies that put us in front of prospective customers.”

PTI’s new go-to-market inbound marketing strategy is invaluable  — they continuously improve the final customer experience, contributing to double-digit sales increases yearly. 

Pelonis Tech Inbound Marketing For Manufacturers Traffic Growth
Hubspot For Manufacturers Diamond Certified Partner Agency

“Thomas gives us our own integrated inbound marketing department that develops consistent and well-positioned campaigns to help meet our short and long-term strategic goals.
Developing successful products and identifying potential sales opportunities can only be done with an important tool like HubSpot and inbound marketing expertise from Thomas.”

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