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How One Custom Plastic Injection Molder Grew Traffic &
Leads With HubSpot

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The Rodon Group Seeks An
All-In-One Digital Marketing Toolset

Rodon Group Homepage - HubSpot For Manufacturers

The Rodon Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, high-volume, custom plastic injection molder that offers turnkey and innovative manufacturing solutions, including mold design, mold building, and high-volume parts manufacturing.

To help them grow website traffic, leads, and sales, the team at Rodon was determined to find an all-in-one digital marketing toolset that would help them build engaging marketing campaigns with ease. After evaluating the available digital toolsets from HubSpot and inbound marketing strategies, they decided to make an investment that would turn out to be a significant driver for their business.

Setting The Stage For Success With Digital Marketing

Jill Worth, Digital Marketing Lead at The Rodon Group, understood there was more opportunity to capture in the market by moving on from dated, less measurable advertising tactics like print ads, trade shows, and catalog mailings.

But with only one dedicated digital marketing team member at the time, Jill understood the need to consolidate all of their marketing efforts in one user-friendly, manageable, centralized location. The team at Rodon was also seeking a platform with reliable 24/7 customer support to make sure they would be getting the most for their investment. Knowing that HubSpot could help them with these needs, The Rodon Group got started building its new marketing presence.

“I was impressed with HubSpot’s platform and the company’s methodology on Inbound marketing. There really isn’t anything else that can compare to HubSpot, especially for medium-sized B2B businesses like Rodon.” — Jill Worth, Rodon Group

Navigating a manufacturing company's digital transformation can be difficult, and investing in toolsets is a major first step. HubSpot’s all-in-one digital marketing solution ended up being a key driver for the team at The Rodon Group to engage prospects in a way that would grow and maintain their customer base. With HubSpot, The Rodon Group was able to build their website in the CMS (Content Management System) Hub, create and send mobile-optimized email campaigns, build forms and landing pages with simple editors, and even A/B test their efforts to make smarter, data-backed design decisions.

Achieving Maximum Efficiency And Lead Growth

Inbound Marketing To Grow Awareness And Leads

HubSpot’s tools helped The Rodon Group adopt an all-encompassing inbound marketing methodology to grow traffic, convert website visitors, and run campaigns at a scale that helped drive sales from multiple new high-volume customers.

“We’ve developed a vast amount of helpful content in the form of blogs, eBooks, infographics, case studies, and videos to help increase organic website traffic. We’re now seeing an average of 14,000 sessions per month,” said Jill. High-performing organic traffic pages on The Rodon Group’s website have generated a few highly-valued sales qualified lead opportunities this year.

HubSpot’s Dashboard & Reporting Software gives complete visibility into marketers’ metrics and performance to ideate their content strategies. And HubSpot’s Content Strategy and SEO tools helped build The Rodon Group’s authority in search and organize the topics that matter most to prospects. The Rodon Group’s inbound marketing efforts from HubSpot started producing double-digit sales growth in 2015 and has continued ever since.

Key Results


YoY increase of website sessions


YoY growth in organic sessions


YoY increase in new contacts



YoY increase in Contact Us submissions

“I appreciate the ease of having all of the marketing tools that I need in one place. It’s a very flexible, cohesive, and comprehensive CRM platform.”  

Partnering With A HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency

Jill and The Rodon Group found success on their own with HubSpot, but they wanted a partner they could trust to take their efforts to another level. To find success, the team felt it was essential to work with a partner with a proven track record producing lead generation results for hundreds of manufacturing companies just like theirs. These needs led to a partnership with Thomas, a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency focused solely on driving business results in the manufacturing and industrial distribution space.

Thomas marketing experts now work as an extension of The Rodon Group’s team to accelerate growth and target buyers in specific industries. Partnering with Thomas’s HubSpot strategists (who are backed by degreed engineers) has proven invaluable to The Rodon Group. In 2020, their website saw more than 165,000 sessions versus 141,000 sessions in 2019 —  a 17% year-over-year growth in working with Thomas.


“I have watched HubSpot grow and flourish over the years. Often with rapid growth comes a lack of customer support, but that is not the case with HubSpot. HubSpot has a tremendous vision for digital marketing, automation, sales, and service."

"Having Thomas as one of HubSpot’s Diamond Partner Agencies is just the icing on the cake to produce real results and engage B2B prospects and customers.”

Accelerating Growth With Thomas

The Rodon Group - Inbound Marketing For Manufacturers Case Study

The visitors coming to The Rodon Group’s website from Thomasnet.com are twice as engaged versus visitors coming organically from search engines. Compared to visitors from Google, visitors from Thomasnet.com were 52% less likely to bounce and stayed on the site 42% longer.

Partnering with Thomas allows The Rodon Group to take their lead generation efforts further by reaching and engaging the highly-qualified buyers sourcing on Thomasnet.com. Website tests and redesigns executed by Thomas on The Rodon Group’s Contact Us page have resulted in 53% year-over-year growth in new contacts and 24% year-over-year growth in form submissions.

“Thomas is an ideal partner for any manufacturer looking to expand and improve their marketing. They have an in-depth knowledge of all forms of digital marketing, future technologies, and the HubSpot platform, helping companies stay ahead of their competition.”

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