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Digital Advertising & Marketing For Manufacturers

How One Custom Manufacturer Increased Revenue By 4x With Thomasnet.com Advertising & Inbound Marketing

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E2Global Was Seeking A Digital Growth Strategy

E2Global Homepage - Thomasnet.com Online Advertising

E2Global, a provider of turnkey consumable manufacturing services, sought to expand its growth strategy beyond traditional in-person selling. 

The team understood that the key to success in today's world is to embrace digital efforts across their sales & marketing strategies. When presented with a cost-effective advertising & marketing solution that worked for them 24/7, they decided to invest in expanding their reach.

“Our way of selling and our prospects’ style of buying was no longer aligning,” said Brad Godwin, CEO of E2Global. “Buyers want to be educated at their own pace and they don’t want to be immediately sold to, so we had to move from that.”

Online Advertising On The Thomas Network Leads To Real Revenue Growth


Revenue growth versus outbound sales


Growth in supplier evaluations 

Understanding that E2Global wanted to engage the right qualified buyers and grow their customer base, the team at Thomas reviewed available product categories and recommended a Thomasnet.com Program that would attract the right prospects at the right time.

“There’s a difference between a company that would buy our products and a company that’s actively in the market to buy our products. So we wanted to find a way to eliminate those who were not looking and focus on those who were in the market for what we offer now,” said Brad.

Buyer behavior tests on Thomasnet.com show that Thomas Verified Programs get on average 20% more supplier evaluations and RFQs from buyers, engineers, and MROs. So based on the products and services E2Global provides and the markets they wanted to reach, Thomas identified key categories and strategies for E2Global’s Company Profile to focus their advertising efforts in, including packaging materials, bottles, and tubes.

In a short time, buyers became highly engaged with E2Global’s Thomasnet.com presence. E2Global saw their Verified Program receive early results with RFQs from big brands like Medline and Colgate/Palmolive.

“Hiring Thomas was the best decision we’ve made as a company. It’s been lightning growth ever since.”

Brad Godwin, CEO of E2Global, Inc.

Their company profile video has received thousands of impressions with views from various industries like food & beverage, education, and medical & healthcare. E2Global generates calls and RFQs directly from the Thomas platform, plus they receive referral traffic to their website, a core metric for ROI.

"Thomas is an accountable partner for our digital advertising spend. It has been a seismic shift away from traditional sales to having a real digital footprint globally. The amount of quality leads being generated is too many to mention.”

Continuing To Digital Transform And Achieve Real Revenue Growth

Growing and maintaining the customer base for E2Global was historically based on nurturing existing relationships, trade shows, and in-person networking. But the tech-savvy marketers have become a large part of today’s demographic in the B2B industry, and those traditional tactics are no longer most effective.

“Thomas saw our blindspots that we didn’t know existed and filled them with data and technology to help us to fuel our sales and marketing efforts,” said Brad. “The leads generated are qualified and real.”

After E2Global saw success from their Thomas Verified Program, the team at Thomas suggested tactics and strategies across the digital space to supplement their growth and continue to engage more prospects in their target market.

“Partnering with Thomas means someone always has our back. It isn’t as difficult selling who we are to buyers because of our marketing efforts with Thomas. It’s like Thomas sells and educates buyers about our business on our behalf.” 

E2Global’s new inbound marketing efforts, content marketing, and lead generation campaigns helped them achieve 4x the revenue growth than their outbound sales efforts ever did.

“Other businesses want growth without having to grow. Thomas has been our trusted partner in this process and is super proactive in our partnership. The ability to seamlessly integrate as a marketing partner into our corporate fabric is one of Thomas’ greatest assets.”

After seeing the benefits of added website content powered by lead generation campaigns, E2Global and Thomas strategists are now working together to redesign the E2Global website with eCommerce capabilities. The new functionality will help better meet their buyers’ needs and offer a complete digital customer experience

"Thomas is truly a partner in E2Global’s digital transformation and engages my internal team to do better. You don’t find many companies like Thomas that take full accountability for the complete growth of your efforts.

Don't get started with Thomas if you are not prepared to grow."