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Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

How One Thread Rolling Company Increased Sales By 60% Through Online Efforts

Increase Your Online RFQs

Increasing Brand Awareness With Digital Marketing

Before investing in digital marketing services, CJ Winter relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals and cold sale calls to grow their business. They wanted a more efficient process to get the word out about their cold root rolling tools.

The cold root rolling process involves burnishing the thread root in rotary shouldered connections — prolonging the service life of drilling equipment by up to five times. Although industries such as oil and gas could use cold root rolling to improve equipment and cut costs, very few companies were aware this service existed. There were also no complete specifications in the marketplace. 

CJWinter's goal was to educate more companies on the opportunities cold root rolling could bring to their businesses and showcase the benefits — with the ultimate goal of bringing in more customers.


With Thomas running our lead generation efforts, video efforts, and marketing,
our sales increased by 60% in just one year.

— CJWinter

A Strong Online Presence That Generates Leads

Cold Root Rolling CJWinter

Thomas worked with CJWinter to create ColdRootRolling.com, a website that focuses solely on educating the industry about cold root rolling process and tools. As part of a targeted inbound marketing strategy, the team created content, videos, and resources to educate their network and reach new prospects. In addition to generating new content, revamping design elements, and launching their website, social media marketing, and SEO also played an important role. 

CJWinter now ranks number one on Google for “cold root rolling” and other key terms and phrases. This has significantly impacted lead generation — an average 113% increase quarter over quarter. CJWinter more than doubled its cold root rolling sales year over year, which brought in new contracts to major companies such as Schlumberger. 

What's Next For CJWinter

Now that CJWinter leads the oil and gas industry in cold root rolling solutions, the plan is to release new tools manufactured specifically for other industries, including wind energy, transportation, railroad, and aerospace.

CJWinter's website design combined with content marketing assets and clear calls-to-action targeted to their buyer's needs puts them ahead of competitors. CJWinter's lead generation strategy puts its brand everywhere their prospects are — online.


Average increase of lead generation quarter over quarter


Sales increase in just the first year


Learn What Industrial Buyers Are Looking For

Today's buyers, procurement professionals, and engineers do their business online, but it's not enough to simply have an online presence. Buyers want to see comprehensive capabilities, previous successes, and certifications just to name a few.

Digital marketing is also not a one-and-done approach to increasing sales. Marketing goals and strategies must be documented and tactics must be measured and optimized as necessary.

Some time after implementing CJWinter's new website, the digital marketing team at Thomas took their landing pages to new levels after implementing a simple A/B test design — a yellow arrow. Online form submissions increased again by 76%.

Buyers' habits are simply changing regularly and it's important to change your methods of growth too. An investment in digital marketing is an investment in the future of your industrial business — no matter how small.

To get you started on an online lead generation strategy, visit the resources below and contact our team of marketing manufacturing experts to put your plan in action. 

Thomas maximized our company exposure, drove a record number of qualified leads and helped us turn these opportunities directly into sales dollars.

— Bob Ryan
Group President, CJWinter