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Air Innovations

Leader In Environmental Control Systems Reaches
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Air Innovations Gets First Page Google Rankings

Before partnering with Thomas, Air Innovations’ website was seeing an average of 2,000 sessions per month with less than 1,000 organic sessions per month on average — but what they needed was an efficient way to reach the right visitors to meet their goal of being seen as a thought leader in the environmental systems industry. Air Innovations sought a partner to help them implement an online strategy to create quality content and effectively reach quality website visitors.

After Thomas implemented a new content and SEO strategy for Air Innovations, they saw a 1,068% increase in all sessions and a 3,046% increase in organic sessions within less than a year.

An Ongoing Content And SEO Strategy

Air Innovations - Environmental Systems Manufacturing blog

Air Innovations’ SEO strategy focused on presenting the company as a thought leader in the industry while satisfying the demand from users looking for more information and users at the end of the purchasing funnel. Thomas Marketing Services created a “Knowledge Base” section on Air Innovations’ website (similar to a blog) that provided high-quality content for users and potential leads. 

Content titles included:

  • Cleanroom: A Quick Guide To Classifications, Design, And Standards
  • HVAC: A Complete Guide On Specialized HVAC Systems
  • Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms 101: Hospital Infection Control

Traffic And Real Results From SEO Efforts

Research showed that comparison blog posts about negative vs. positive cleanrooms performed very well, so Thomas’ content team created a blog post covering this topic — Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms 101. Subsequently, a supporting backlink from a relevant Thomas Insights article contributed to the blog post and it gained traction and authority.

For the long-tail keyword, “positive vs negative pressure,” the page also earned a coveted “Featured Snippet,” improving the visibility of Air Innovations’ website and pushing all competitors below the fold, including a page from Wikipedia!

Thomas’ marketing team took that content further with the creation of videos and infographics for the page. The media-rich content bolstered Air Innovations’ presence online and increased the number of possible click points from within the Featured Snippet.

Air Innovations continues to earn a steady increase of backlinks to their website from a variety of reputable domains. As a result, they have seen a dramatic increase in contact form submissions, project inquiry submissions, phone number clicks on-site, views of PDFs (datasheets, whitepapers, etc), and interactions with video content.

1,068% increase

in all sessions

3,046% increase

in organic sessions

444% year-over-year

increase in impressions

#1 search result

for "positive vs negative pressure"

2,060% year-over-year increase

in website clicks

Air Innovations - SEO search results


Air Innovations SEO Keyword Growth



Much of Air Innovations’ website organic traffic is primarily driven by the Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms 101 blog post published in April 2019, which now ranks #1 for the keyword, “negative pressure.” The post slowly started gaining traction through December 2019, then the first small spike in organic visibility occurred in January 2020. Reports still showed steady increases occurring through March 2020 before taking off in May 2020.

According to data from Ahrefs, the keyword “negative pressure” gets 4,300 searches on average per month. Of these 4,300 searches, about 23% of users will click on a link, equating to 989 clicks for the query. At the #1 position, Air Innovations’ blog post is estimated to receive 53% of all clicks or 524 clicks on average per month — for one just keyword for one page.

Earlier this year, in one month alone, Air Innovations was receiving more than 10,000 daily impressions (eyeballs) and more than 25,000 clicks to their site. When analyzing the website’s full growth trajectory, 2019 saw around 171,000 impressions, whereas 2020 saw around 930,000 impressions for an estimated year-over-year increase of 444%. Moreover, 2019 saw around 2,120 clicks, whereas 2020 saw around 45,800 clicks for an estimated year-over-year increase of 2,060%!

Thanks to the SEO team at Thomas, Air Innovations has a significant reach to more customers online than ever before and can continue to use digital marketing to grow its business ahead of competitors.

About Air Innovations

Air Innovations is a designer and manufacturer of environmental control systems to regulate temperature, humidity, pressure, and filtration. Air Innovations has the unique ability to understand varied needs and goals across all fields and applications, and transforming these challenges into custom environmental control solutions.