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How One Manufacturer Of Magnetic Switches
Outranked Competitors On Search Results

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MagneLink Seeks An Online Growth Strategy

Today's B2B buyers have high expectations of the companies they do business with. That's thanks to a large majority of B2B buyers being millennials — they are digital natives who expect content to be available on-demand, optimized for any device, interactive, and highly visual. Manufacturers who can create that optimal buying experience and provide value and insight online are more likely to get shortlisted and win new (or repeat) business.

MagneLink is a leader in quality, reliable magnetic switches. While MagneLink’s website was progressing in its online presence, the company wanted to drive more quality traffic, increase the quality of content, and ultimately compete with big competitors in their industry.

Improving SEO Traffic To Get Ahead Of Competition

Magnelink organic growth SEO for manufacturers

MagneLink understood the need to have quality content on their site. Before partnering with Thomas, MagneLink saw an average of 300 total sessions per month and an average of 200 organic sessions per month. Their website pages had product specifications that worked well for bottom of the funnel prospects but lacked the breadth for top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel audiences.

Top-of-funnel content doesn’t try to sell the service or product — it educates and answers common questions the website visitor has. A true content marketing and SEO strategy work together to attract audiences at all stages of the funnel and drive visitors to convert into leads from your website. 

Traffic And Real Results From SEO Efforts

Over the course of nearly 3 years of using smart SEO strategies, the MagneLink website is now ranking on the first page of search engines and some at position 0 for multiple highly-coveted target keywords — above major product competitors like Littelfuse and Standex Electronics and above organic competitors like Wikipedia!

SEO is a long-term investment and the MagneLink team trusted Thomas’ process. Traffic was not earned overnight but rather at a gradual and steady pace during the last 3 years, culminating in 2,000+ monthly organic sessions towards the end of 2020. And the increase in SEO traffic helped more qualified audiences find MagneLink’s website.

746% increase

in all sessions

909% increase

in organic sessions

+89% year-over-year

page views for Magnetic Switches solutions page

#2 search result

for "magnetic switches"

First-page ranking

for keywords related to "magnetic switches"

Much of MagneLink’s organic traffic is primarily driven by A Design Guide for Reed Switches blog post published in April 2019 — it’s also a featured snippet on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the keyword “normally closed reed switch.” The blog is ranking high for other keywords like “normally open reed switch,” and “magnetic reed switch normally open.” 

Featured snippets are selected search results at the top of Google’s organic results and aim at answering the user’s question right away instead of them having to click on your website. This is great for getting additional brand awareness. It improves MagneLink’s visibility and pushes all competitors below the fold, including a page from Wikipedia. 

MagneLink Manufacturing SEO Example - Reed Switches

Another sign of growth is that according to data from Ahrefs, the keyword “normally closed reed switch” has an average search volume of 100 searches per month. The average monthly number of clicks for MagneLink is 166!

MagneLink has a significant reach to more customers online than ever before and will continue to use digital marketing to grow its business ahead of competitors. Thanks to the SEO team at Thomas, MagneLink continues to increase website impressions and clicks. SEO reporting in 2019 saw 1.13k clicks whereas 2020 saw 5.86k clicks — a year-over-year increase of 418.58%!

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