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How One Manufacturer Reached The Top Of Google Search Results

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The Challenges ESI Faced

ESI had seen steady growth across every channel since partnering with Thomas Marketing Services in September 2016. While they were getting a high volume of opportunity across all of their services, in mid-2017  they wanted to put a larger focus on targeting and growing their metal stamping customer base, but there was heavy national and local competition. While ESI had a strong base of backlinks and content, including case studies, blog posts, and off-site articles, it wasn’t aimed at this specific case. Therefore, it needed to be restructured as part of to drive potential customers to their site, increase page viewership, and build brand awareness.

ESI Organic Traffic

Websites that show a deep knowledge of a topic illustrate authority in their field have a positive effect on search rankings. Having all of the information about one topic condensed into one site page makes it a great resource for viewers to learn more and provides site visitors a better user experience. With a search volume (potential site views) of ~27,100 per month and ~54,200,000 results appearing on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for keywords “metal stamping,” there was a lot of potential — and a big challenge ahead that pillar content would help solve. 

Pillar Content Structure

A Metal Stamping SEO Strategy

ESI's Pillar Page Content Strategy

What Is Metal Stamping Content Cluster

ESI's new SEO and content marketing strategy started with a concrete foundation of a new “What Is Metal Stamping” website page. The idea was to create the main pillar page with links and other “cluster” pages, creating a cleaner path for search engines to crawl the content on ESI’s website.

This page included some content from existing site pages, resources, and blogs on the website — and interlinked between the remaining ones. Thomas Marketing Services also added videos, drawings, and images throughout the pillar page to make it easily consumable and diversify the content.

Learn more about the different components of content marketing here.

Real Results - How It Worked For ESI

The new website page delivered high-ranking results within the first months of publication, and within five months, this page ranked in the top results for “What is metal stamping?” and other key metal stamping terms. 

ESI saw a 123% increase in organic traffic year over year from September to December and increased page viewing time to an average of three minutes, which is almost double the industry benchmark.

#1 Rank

on Google in 5 months

123% Increase

in organic traffic YOY


Average page-view

ESI YOY Traffic


About ESI

Engineering Specialities, Inc. (ESI) is a metal stamping and automated assembly company that provides automotive customers with safety-critical parts.