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CGR Products

Custom Cutting & Fabricating Services Company Uses Content Marketing To Reach More Buyers

Help With Content Marketing

The Challenges & Goals Of Growing A Small Business

CGR Products was looking for new ways to attract their desired customer profile — namely large OEMs. Trade shows were proving ineffective, with significant travel expenses outweighing the opportunities they encountered, and advertising options had been equally costly and not as effective as they once were. 

They hoped to redesign their website and drive people to specific pages, where they could then provide prospective users with quality content about their business and product offering. 

By generating greater interest and awareness of CGR, the company hoped to identify new leads and convert them into orders.

Real Results — How Digital Marketing Worked For CGR Products

CGR teamed up with Thomas to create a more user-friendly website filled with blogs, white papers, and other helpful resources for their visitors. Within the first year of the redesign CGR had:

32% Growth

in website traffic

280% Growth

in leads per month

$4 million

worth of quotes in one year


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In addition to new business opportunities, the company has received positive feedback from both customers and suppliers about the quality, quantity, and timing of their site content.

To respond to the influx of new leads, CGR has integrated detailed back-end web traffic analysis tools, aligned their outside account managers with specific regions, and assigned someone to immediately respond to RFQs. With the help of automated notifications, sales representatives are also able to quickly and personally follow-up with prospects who request information from the site.

It’s not unusual to receive email comments on specific items that have been posted or to receive positive comments during face-to-face meetings. Some suppliers have commented we are getting ahead of the curve in a mature market.

— Alan Johnson
Director Of Marketing, CGR Products

The Importance Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy to create and distribute relevant ideas to a specific audience. This is one of the most vital areas of marketing because it can influence buyers at every stage of the buyer's journey. 

CGR Products content marketing consisted of blogs and site pages that focused on industry keywords. Because the content was written in a way that helps educate site visitors, CGR Products was able to start ranking high on search engines. The team took what they knew about the industry and transformed it into written content to boost organic traffic.

The higher your website pages are on search results, the better your chances of getting found by more buyers.

Learn more about the types of content marketing that influence buyers the most here.


About CGR Products

CGR Products uses precision cutting and fabricating techniques to transform materials into gaskets, seals, rings, and other high quality engineered components for industrial applications.