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Content Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Content marketing is the fancy buzzword du jour for what we’ve all been doing to some degree since the industrial revolution.

Without technical content, curves, graphs, dimensions, tolerances, metallurgy or lead time information, it is nearly impossible to source products and services to fill a specific need.

What is different about content marketing is the way that information can be positioned, targeted and “traded” to find out more about an audience that has largely remained anonymous and invisible and nurture them towards becoming a customer.

When your target personas (such as design engineers and procurement managers) come to your website to review your products or services, you have no idea where they are in the buying process.

We're willing to bet our first copies of AutoCAD that your current website has (at most) an RFQ or Contact Us form to help users get in touch with you (and they probably have 100 or more fields). These are great for those folks that have a Bill of Materials or completed print in hand.

Unfortunately, even the absolute best industrial sites only convert 3% of traffic through these calls-to-action. Yikes, that’s 97% of your traffic you don’t get to engage with or find out more about!

I know that’s a lot to take in all at once. Deep breath — this is where content marketing comes in as a tactic to grow your business.

First, your we'll review the types of content that you offer your customers both online and offline.

We can identify high value offers that can be converted to requiring user request to download. This way you can ask for some info about your users while giving them good info they are interested in. Win-win!

Your job in this is to provide valuable content and only ask for the appropriate value in return. (No, you cannot transform your product catalog into an offer with a request form asking every question your sales team wants… but you can ask for some, and users will gladly supply it!)

Next, we review your target personas and determine offers that will help them make decisions or make their work life easier.

This content can take the form of eBooks, white papers, case studies, check lists, reference charts, trouble shooting guides, powerpoints, webinars… the list of possibilities is endless!

The engineers and strategists on the Thomas team will brainstorm ideas and author the content for you. Your job is to hold the red pen and make sure you’re happy with the end result. We know you have work to do. We’re here to do the content creation for you.

Once approved, this content can be deployed on your website and promoted through social media, email marketing, press releases, articles, blogs and SEO targeting.

As users download this new content, we can track their areas of interest and using tools like HubSpot, follow their engagement with your business into the future.

So when that contact from a Fortune 1,000 buying organization downloads your ISO cert or your guide to troubleshooting oxidation in a non-nitrogen high temperature environment, we’ll be there to see what he does next… and continue to delight him with your information.

Think about it, if you provide a potential customer with great info that helps make decisions clearer and easier, why wouldn’t they work with you?

We can see the gears turning with content ideas already — let's get to it.

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