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More than half (57%) of today’s B2B buyers make their purchase decisions before ever picking up the phone and talking to a representative from your company. What are they basing these decisions on? Your content.

At Thomas Marketing, we’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers generate great content — and millions of dollars in new revenue. We’re ready to help you do the same.

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Utilize Content To Connect With Your Targets

Industrial Target Personas

Design Engineers: CAD software is perpetually open on their desktop so they can create new components and assemblies. They care about form, fit and function. They are problem solvers of the highest order.

Procurement Managers/Buyers: These folks are the Holy Grail. They hold the purse strings and have a high level of input into the final supplier for projects. Their main concerns are cost, lead time, and ongoing deliverability.

Plant/MRO Managers: Their life is divided into planned shutdowns and the pure anarchy of emergency repairs. Theirs is a life of stress. You need to help them stock what they need for both possible good and bad days.

Manufacturing Blog Content

Blog Content Creation

Blog content is great at the top of the sales funnel to create brand awareness in order to attract new website visitors utilizing SEO.

Industrial eBooks and White Papers

eBooks & White Papers

eBooks and white papers sit at the middle and bottom of the funnel. This type of content is usually gated and best utilized to capture lead information by form submissions.

Manufacturing Website Copy

Website Copy Writing

Your website pages are where you showcase your products, services, industries served. It's important that website copy follow SEO best practices and landing pages should be action-oriented.

Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Video tours of your facility are a great way to get buyers to get a first-hand look at your setup and show off what makes your company the perfect fit for their next project.

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Content Marketing For Industrial Companies

Build your brand. Grow your business.

Content Marketing For Industrial Companies

Today's industrial buyers are in full control of the sales cycle. They're researching, evaluating, and shortlisting suppliers without ever picking up the phone or interacting with a salesperson.

So what are they basing their decisions on? Your content.

Content marketing is your way to reach buying decision makers on their time, build trust, and elevate your company over your competition. 

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and distributing valuable content to attract potential customers for your industrial business. (It’s an important part of doing inbound marketing for manufacturing.)

What is the best way to create a content marketing strategy?

Honestly, it depends on what your goals are in your company. If you’re looking to diversify into a new market, you would want to create content around metals for the aerospace industry — whereas if you wanted to get your brand recognized for its “green” initiatives, you’d talk at length about your in-house recycling programs and environmentally friendly processes. We have a ton of blog posts written about all types of content — video, blogs, eBooks, etc. — you want to check those out here.

Should I create a custom content marketing plan?

Yes. Each company’s goals and target audience is unique (yes, even with in the manufacturing and industrial space), which means you’ll have to tailor your plan. If everyone could use an out-of-the-box solution, we would have created it already!

Does content marketing work for B2B and/or industrial companies?

Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach a B2B and industrial audience and inform them of your products and services. Business decisions are rarely impulsive, so you’ll need to provide some information to buyers to catch their interest regardless of what stage they’re at in the buying cycle.

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