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SEO And Content Marketing For Manufacturers

Electronic Manufacturing Company Optimizes Product Pages
To Increase Web Visitors And Leads

Increase Your Online Visitors

Improving Website Performance To Get More Leads

Before partnering with Thomas, Triad Magnetics’ website metrics showed little growth. But in just under two months from site launch, Triad Magnetics’ new website has already seen huge improvements and an increase in performance. Together with a detailed-rich Thomasnet.com Company Profile and video advertising, Triad Magnetic's new website has resulted in an increase in both page views, unique page views, and overall site speed. 


Improvement of bounce rate


Increase in users going to the homepage


Increase in online submissions



Increase in overall views of the contact us page


Increase in new website users


What do these website stats mean for lead generation? Google ranks websites higher on search results when they publish relevant content often. Triad Magnetics’ redesign and organized product content helped increase SEO — and helped more users find the website. Triad Magnetics’ website visitors are no longer experiencing slow load times. With less time to wait, they get the information they need faster. More users who did not know Triad Magnetics are now familiar with Triad Magnetics, browsing website pages, and eventually submitting RFQ forms.

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The Importance Of A High-Performing Manufacturing Website

What Buyers Look For Online

The quality of your website impacts industrial buyers’ decision to partner with your company.  In fact, 73% of buyers evaluate you based on your website.

When designing your website make sure that it is informative and easy to navigate. If visitors struggle to find what they need or figure out who you are, they won’t contact you and they’ll move on to your competitors.

About Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics

For more than 70 years, Triad Magnetics has been offering solutions for power conversion, filtering, isolation and more. Triad Magnetics products include transformers for audio, gate drive, power, medical/dental, wall-mount and plug-in applications.

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