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Website Content Marketing & SEO Services For North American Manufacturers

How One Canadian Electric Motors Company Doubles In Growth From New Website And Digital Strategy

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The Challenges & Goals Of Growing A Small Business

Many manufacturers and industrial companies are too bogged down with their day-to-day to give marketing the full attention it needs. This was the case for Renown Electric, a Canadian electric motor company.

For Renown’s owners, managing a small growing business was challenging — it was easy to get tied up on the day-to-day routine and lose sight of other priorities. Renown wanted to grow its existing customer base and reach them in new and more engaging ways but didn't know how to execute this. They had a lot of great ideas (backed by decades of expertise) to nurture their audience with but little time to execute any of the ideas.

Digital Marketing That Provided A Solution

Renown partnered with Thomas Marketing Services to manage it's digital marketing efforts in 2014 and has since seen steady growth. As a marketing extension of the team, Thomas makes sure Renown’s great ideas don’t sit on the backburner. Thomas’ technical and marketing teams create a steady stream of evergreen content, including eBooks and blogs, to educate Renown’s readers and nurture their existing customer base. Thanks to Thomas’ conversion rate optimization, Renown’s website is continuously optimized in terms of layout and user experience to better inform and engage prospects.

Thomas also supports Renown’s content marketing strategy with email marketing campaigns. Renown’ s emails are so informative, prospects tend to forward them to their company and industry colleagues — contributing more to brand awareness and lead nurturing than ever before.


Real Results — Growth For Renown Electric

Thomas’ experience in content marketing for manufacturers has really been a benefit to Renown for the past five years and the growth continues today. Renown’s website continues to boost up in rankings due to SEO optimization and the shareable and evergreen content. In 2018 alone Renown experienced:

71% Growth

in organic traffic year-over-year

50% Growth

in referring domains year-over-year

1st Page

rankings on Google search



Thomas has become instrumental to Renown’s team, checking in to ensure they’re moving in the right direction and all marketing efforts contribute to Renown’s bottom line. As Renown continues to grow, it will continue to rely on Thomas’ marketing and industry expertise to support its business in the future. Thomas will continue to optimize email designs, perform A/B tests, and provide research and content creation for new topics to engage Renown’s existing audience, generate new leads outside of the elevator market, and establish industry thought leadership.

As a marketing department of one, it has been really helpful to have Thomas around to help with our marketing strategy as opposed to making it up as we go.

— Jeff Collins, Partner - Renown Electric Motors & Repair

Renown Electric's SEO Content Strategy

Elevates Product Page To #1 Google Search Results

Renown Electric

Renown’s product page for “Vertima Balance” shows up as the first Google result, out-performing Vertima’s own website homepage. 

Thomas helped optimize the page with an SEO strategy strengthened by internal and external linking. After seeing high traffic results to this page, Thomas was able to boost lead generation efforts by including a high-value eBook on this page to engage leads.

About Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc.

Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. is a privately owned Ontario corporation providing cost-effective solutions to the electric motor repair and service industry for more than 30 years. Renown’s technicians keep critical motor systems running at top efficiency for companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

A key thing about Thomas is the ability to generate a lot of leads across various industries. We wanted to help educate our customers. Through eBooks, blogs, a revamped website — they actually drive our own knowledge out and customers appreciate the insight.

— Jeff Collins, Partner - Renown Electric Motors & Repair