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Thomas Badge Builder

Establish buyer confidence by promoting your Thomas Validation Badge on your website or blog

Generate Your Badge

To get started, you’ll need your company ID. If you don’t know your company ID, here's how you can find it: 

  1. Go to Thomasnet.com and search for your company. When you find your company, click to go to your company profile. On your company profile, in the URL string after /profile/ you’ll find an 8 digit number. This is your company ID. Here is an example: https://www.thomasnet.com/profile/12345678/company-name.html. Paste this number in the Company ID box. 
  2. Next, choose your badge size and click the green button. You’ll see a preview of the badge to the right. You can test the badge by clicking on it; it should link to your company profile.
  3. You can place this snippet within a website component that dynamically populates on all of your website pages, such as your website footer, or you can place it individually on each page. If placed individually, we recommend that you place the snippet just before the closing </body> on each page.

Where to place your badge

Website Header
Website Footer
Home Page
Product Pages

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