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Buyer - About® is trusted by millions of industrial buyers who have leveraged our content and expertise since 1898. We connect buyers, engineers, and MRO professionals to over 500,000 North American manufacturers daily. We have a dedicated team of specialists who ensure you always have vetted and up-to-date company information to get your job done faster.

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Thomas is the number one advertising platform and digital marketing service provider for manufacturing businesses looking to reach highly-qualified procurement professionals and engineers and grow their business. Our product and service suite is designed to help our partners attract, convert, and retain customers in the industrial space.

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At Thomas, our guiding principles are illustrated through every action we take and every relationship we foster. Whatever the job title, Thomas is a team of people helping others do their jobs, advance their careers, and grow their businesses in the digital industrial economy. Working at Thomas means joining an enduring, focused, guiding, and approachable team that has been a trusted resource for our marketplace for over 120 years.

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  • Commit to driving the future of the manufacturing and industrial space
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  • Drive decisions using data and insights to support our customers, users, and each other
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  • Apex simply delivers the purest industrial audience on the internet, and being there has helped us connect with new customers in new industries. Our program absolutely pays for itself and more.

    Pete Elzer - Owner
    Apex Plastic Finishing

  • Tailored Label Products
    I couldn’t ask for a better ‘salesperson’ than For every ten dollars I’m spending there, I’m getting forty dollars in new business.

    Tracy Tenpenny - Partner
    Tailored Label Products

  • American Crane-1
    Our business grew from $24 million to over $40 million in just 4 years, and was an integral part of making that happen. We’re creating this whole other avenue of a sales pipeline that we didn’t have before, and we’re reaching people that we wouldn’t have reached before.

    Karen Norheim, EVP
    American Crane & Equipment Corporation

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