Marketing Automation for Manufacturing Companies

Marketing Automation

Just as automation is transforming the manufacturing industry, so too is automation transforming the marketing industry. And, just like in manufacturing, companies that adopt marketing automation are reaping the considerable benefits — improved productivity, greater visibility, newfound agility, and, perhaps most importantly, enhanced business results.

At Thomas, we’ve helped hundreds of manufacturing and industrial companies implement and optimize marketing automation technology.

Ready to realize the benefits of automation for yourself? We’re here to help.

Consolidate Your Systems. Amplify Your Results.

Think about all the different tools you use to send emails, update your blog, post to social media, and create new content. Each one has a different interface, a different set of usernames and passwords, and much different reporting capabilities. And none of them talk to talk to each other.

This makes it incredibly difficult to market your business effectively, and even more challenging to uncover the ROI of all your activity.

Marketing Automation brings everything together.

Here are some of the advantages of Marketing Automation.

Ease Of Use: You can manage, track, and update all SEO, social media, blogging, email and content creation efforts in one spot, and you can group different activity into campaigns for easy reporting.

More Targeted Communications: Marketing automation makes it possible — and practical — to segment your communications across all of your digital channels. You can trigger customized messages that resonate with your target personas, or set up alerts based on specific user activity (like visiting a page, opening an email, or downloading an eBook) without having to lift a finger.

Robust, Consolidated Reporting: No more questioning where a lead came from, or wondering how your newsletter is impacting your traffic. Marketing Automation shows you the big picture and also allows you to drill down so you can see the performance of specific website pages, emails, eBooks, blog posts, and even tweets.

Better Information For Your Sales Team: With improved tracking and reporting, your sales team can have more meaningful conversations with prospects. For example, if a prospect downloads an eBook, you can use that as a jumping off point in your discussions.

Like with any new piece of equipment, marketing automation is only as effective as the people who are using it.

At Thomas, HubSpot is our marketing automation tool of choice. And, as a HubSpot Diamond Certified Agency, we have more hands-on experience with HubSpot than just any other industrial marketing agency.

In addition to being experts in marketing automation technology, we’re also experts in the industrial space. Our intimate understanding of B2B buying behavior allows us to fine tune your Marketing Automation software to engage active, in-market buyers and turn them from visitors to prospects, and from prospects into customers.

Our tactical industrial marketing knowledge, along with our technical expertise, is a combination no other agency can match.

Is marketing automation right for manufacturers?

If your inbox is anything like ours, you’re being inundated with potential toolsets to use to help grow your business. You could manage social media one tool, view website analytics with another, send your email marketing from a completely different one, etc., but marketing automation packages up everything nicely. Admittedly, the cost is usually higher to put it all in one place, but you’ll save the difference (and then some) with ease of use for your team and reporting on all the results.

What’s the best marketing software to use for my manufacturing business?

We’re partial to HubSpot.

How does marketing automation work?

Imagine if every marketing tool you’ve ever used got together and worked in unison. That’s marketing automation.

How will marketing automation streamline my marketing efforts?

You know the five different tools you use to manage your marketing right now? And how none of the numbers are matching up with what you see in Google Analytics? Get rid of them all — just use a marketing automation tool.

Stop wasting time. Start generating more leads.