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Austin Business Journal: Building A Home? Good Luck With That

Shawn Fitzgerald, president of Thomas, said the causes for the current high prices and long wait times are compounding on each other. "We're dealing with supply chain challenges out of Covid, and now we have this massive backlog that we can't get the stuff for," Fitzgerald said. "Even as you're getting the materials the backlog continues to grow, because there's more demand on the front end because of the shift to remote work and people's desire for new homes."

According to Thomas, demand for cement was up 181% year over year as of late December. For external doors, 162%; for sliding doors 126%. Demand for wooden windows was up 114%. Critical components such as lumber and plywood, which make up a massive portion of traditional homes, have also seen persistently high demand, each up around 40% year over year. 

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