ROI Measurement

Easily measure your marketing ROI with us

Return on investment. If you’re not able to measure it — and prove it — you might as well toss your marketing dollars out the window. We make it easy for you to keep on top of how your program, and your website, are working to generate sales. Here’s how:

  • Visitor Activity Reports

    Visitor Activity Reports

    Every month, you can view detailed Visitor Activity Reports showing exactly who viewed your profile and what actions they took while there.

  • WebTrax®


    Our free WebTrax tracking and analytics solution shows you:

    • Who is visiting your website
    • Where they’re coming from
    • Which keywords they use to find you
    • What actions they take on your site

    This info enables you to adjust your online strategy accordingly, to attract more quality prospects to your site and convert more of them into customers.

  • Call Tracking

    Call Tracking

    Phone inquiries generated by your program are a key measurement of our value to you. Our Call Tracking solution tracks those inquiries, and provides you with a monthly report showing:

    • The name, number, city, state and zip of every caller
    • Time, date and duration of every call

    Knowing the “who, when, and where” about your incoming calls helps you see trends, and make more informed decisions when driving new business efforts.

  • Website Proxy Tracking

    Website Proxy Tracking

    Our leading-edge technology helps you track all of the activity your website receives from your presence on our platform. Detailed reports show you:

    • Who emailed you (including date, time, email address and IP address)
    • Every conversion action taken (RFQs, Contact Us requests, orders placed)
    • Who called you (including phone number, date, time and duration – and company name/address if available)

    By using a unique phone number on your proxy site, we’re able to record every incoming call for you. This allows you to listen at any time to ensure that your company is capitalizing on every opportunity, and providing quality customer service.

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