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How did Aero Industries expand into new markets?

Who they are.

Aero Industries is an Orlando, Florida metals distributor specializing in raw materials. This woman-owned small business has earned a reputation for being a sourcing expert – often going beyond its core offerings of metals to source and deliver plastics, rubbers, composites, and manufactured parts.

What they wanted.

Once very reliant on serving NASA’s space shuttle program, Aero needed to reach a new audience when the shuttle program ended. Company president Nancy Simmons wanted to limit her reliance on aerospace/military customers, and branch out into medical, automotive, marine, and other industries.

How they won.

Aero Industries invested in priority positioning within all relevant raw materials categories on Its new, high-profile online presence attracted diverse, quality customers from around the globe, and today Aero serves various industries in North America, South America, the Caribbean, and China. 

I wouldn’t have a business today if it weren’t for ThomasNet. They changed the playing field completely. I do not advertise in any print material, I don’t take a penny of my company and advertise any other way than through my ThomasNet program.

— Nancy Simmons, President, Aero Industries