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It's time for your website to stop slacking off.

Industrial websites need to sell. We should know. We've built over 5,000 of them that do just that, for manufacturers and distributors of every stripe. So if your website is just sitting there looking pretty, let us put it to work.

We understand your industry, your business, your customers and your challenges.

Been there, still doing that.

All we've done every day since 1898 is help manufacturers and distributors get found by the right customers. For 100 years it was through our big green books of the Thomas Register, today we connect you online.

We're your kind of people.

We know what buyers and engineers are looking for on your website. Because we’re more than just web designers. Our team includes mechanical and design engineers, industrial marketers, and procurement pros.

A-Plus e-Catalogs.

Our proven Navigator catalog solution has helped thousands of suppliers sell millions of parts online. Intuitive search, product configurators, powerful e-commerce tools – we can do what it takes to make your website a selling machine.

Websites for OEMs Give yourself the clearest path to getting spec'd in.

As the people behind industry's leading supplier discovery platform, we know a thing or two about presenting product data the way buyers and engineers want to see it. Our Navigator product catalog technology is designed specifically for industrial b2b – and when we build your site, your product content will be analyzed and uploaded by our knowledgeable engineers, not clueless data entry drones. In other words, your website will be designed to mirror your sales process, while aligning nicely with your prospects' search preferences. And that's a path to success.

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This OEM got spec'd in by companies including Motorola and Chevron. SEE HOW pdf download

Websites for Custom Manufacturers Get more of the right kind of RFQs.

When your website isn’t built by someone who understands your business, the calls and inquiries you get can be a waste of your time. That’s just wrong. So the first thing we do is have a manufacturing-experienced, on-staff engineer speak with you to get an iron-clad handle on what you do and how you do it. Only then will our writers tell your story by presenting the 3 things serious prospects are looking for:

  • A detailed description of your capabilities
  • A portfolio of projects you've done
  • The differentiators that set you apart from your competition

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This custom manufacturer added 10 new quality RFQs per week. SEE HOW pdf download

Websites for Industrial Distributors Stand out in the region you serve.

It's not easy being a small or medium sized regional distributor. You need to work hard to get customers to choose you over OEMs and other distributors. Your website should work even harder to help you make it happen. Building upon our leading-edge Navigator product catalog solution, we’ll highlight the product types you offer, the brands you rep and the geographies you serve, while driving home the value-added services you provide that make you the right choice for your best prospects.

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NAVIGATOR PRODUCT CATALOG SOLUTION We put your website to work with everything you need to meet your business goals.

Your Navigator-driven website can include:

  • Content Optimization to increase your likelihood of getting found on search engines
  • Conversion Optimization to convert more visitors into customers
  • Product Search & Configuration that makes it easy for your prospects to find the right products
  • 2D/3D WebCAD Publishing Technology to help engineers choose your products
  • Private Catalogs for your premium customers
  • Interactive Exploded View Diagrams to simplify the replacement parts process for your customers
  • eCommerce Tools to help you sell 24/7 online
  • Distributor Catalog Syndication to improve your distributor sales support
  • Syndication to get your products on industry’s leading supplier discovery platform
  • Print Catalogs driven by your online content
  • Content Management Tools that make it easy to manage your product data
  • Business Systems Integration to streamline your internal processes
  • WebTraxs Website Tracking Solution to measure your ROI
  • pdf download
This distributor added 250 new customers per month. SEE HOW pdf download

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