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2D/3D CAD and BIM Publishing Technology

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Your customers want information at their fingertips immediately, wherever and whenever they are working on projects. Providing a product list or simple description doesn’t cut it anymore. Thomas gives you the capabilities you need to lead in the highly-competitive industrial marketplace by providing the dimensional and performance data that engineers and designers need.

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Instant access to 2D and 3D CAD models

You need a single source for your customers to generate your detailed product information, instantaneously, in a file format compatible with all the major CAD and BIM systems.

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Download and directly insert CAD models into 25+ industry-standard programs

It can be integrated with your website to deliver a full suite of downloadable CAD and BIM data. Your customers can commit your products to their projects knowing they have the most up-to-date specs.

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Deliver a completely digital customer experience

Clients can easily review your documentation and create a submittal for the products they have chosen, all generated on-the-fly with the most up-to-date product information.

Give your customers the ability to access part-number specific, 3D PDF sales drawings directly from your website instantaneously.

Dynamic CAD and BIM data solutions enable engineers and designers to accurately access the product information they need, in the format they require, making their jobs easier.

With the power of Thomas Navigator, the changes and updates you make to your product information online are visible to customers immediately. Integrated seamlessly with your sales, marketing, and customer relationship capabilities to drive qualified leads, get visibility into projects, and always be the one to spec in every job.

Why provide 3D Sales Drawings?

CAD models create sales leads at a 2.5x greater rate than text-based product information.

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   Bid submission, guaranteeing the correct product is specified into a project

   Detailed and complete submittal documents

   Reduced engineering time creating one-off sales drawings

   Increasing accuracy to minimize your chances of wrong orders and returns

The Pitfalls Of Converting CAD To BIM

The Pitfalls Of Converting CAD To BIM

Learn why converting your CAD files to BIM can hurt your bottom line.

We often hear the question: "Isn't BIM just CAD for buildings?"

The way a building is designed and constructed is vastly different from how products are designed and manufactured. This difference places unique requirements on how BIM models behave when they are inserted into the virtual building model.

This guide, The Pitfalls of Converting CAD to BIM, shows manufacturers why they should avoid converting CAD files.

What does CAD stand for?

Computer-Aided Design.

What's the difference between CAD and BIM?

CAD allows for design and documentation via computer technology. Design engineers use CAD files for projects requiring multiple parts and components to fit precisely within a larger assembly.

BIM is a new process and methodology by which a team of architects, engineers and contractors work collaboratively to design and build a commercial building utilizing the same database and computer model. 

Read more about the difference in our blog post on that topic here.

How can Thomas's products and services help me with CAD?

Thomas turns your CAD data into high-value downloadable 2D and 3D assets compatible with all major CAD systems, to give your end-users instant access to the dimensional and performance data they need. Using our CAD Engine, Thomas can deploy your product data to your website, to the Thomas TraceParts Network, and to the websites, platforms, and portals of your distribution channels, where your customers can confidently spec your products knowing they have the most up-to-date data.

Which industries use CAD?

CAD is extensively used in applications for Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive, and Industrial and Architectural design to name a few. 

Looking to break into a new industry? Check out the below resources:

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